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From Corporate Office To Successful Business Owner with Laura Tynan

There are so many facets to being a business owner that sometimes it can feel really overwhelming, especially at the beginning. Leaving a corporate structure to become an entrepreneur reveals its own set of challenges but they absolutely can be overcome.  Strategy is part of it, but as usual, mindset and personal development work, and investing in support systems are key as well.

In this episode, we’re talking to Laura Tynan,  a business coach & mentor,  founder of who is on a mission to support ambitious professionals achieve their big career goals & accelerate in their career, or transition out of the corporate world & turn their creative ideas into a successful reality.

Topics we cover:


  • Working towards making a change for women in business 
  • Why you need to listen to your intuition as a business owner
  • Why it’s never too late to make the decision to change your career
  • How personal development and mindset work are...
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Identify the Key Drivers In Your Business To Scale to 100k

All business owners have goals they want to reach and plans to pursue higher levels of success, but there are times in the life of any business where growth plateaus and revenue seems to be at a standstill.


This is because often, we are not strategic enough in how we evaluate and grow our business. 


So how do you get your game face on and plan a winning strategy? Through key performance indicators! Here's how you can use them to break through limitations and scale your business to 100k. 


Many of my client’s businesses level out at revenues of 3k or 10k a month, and they are unsure of how to move forward. This confusion arises from a lack of strategy as to where they spend their time and effort in their enterprise, which stems from not tracking the business properly.


If you want to scale, you gotta track where your growth is happening and also understand what’s not going well in your business. Once you get a clear picture of this, you...

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