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Founded by Award-Winning International Speaker,  Consultant,  Curriculum Design Expert, & Business Strategist

Legacy Scaler®

Founded by Award-Winning
Design Expert,
& Business

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The Legacy Scaler® Mission & Vision.

Welcome to Legacy Scaler®, where we transform ordinary stages into extraordinary experiences.


Our mission is to empower small business owners and executives at all levels—from emerging to senior—from larger corporations, guiding them to amplify their impact and influence through masterful public speaking and executive presence.

At Legacy Scaler®, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders. With a foundation built on over two decades of public health, leadership, and academic expertise, and more than eight years in professional speaking, we leverage a diverse background to offer programs that foster real growth and transformation. Our award-winning faculty brings over 50 years of combined experience in leadership, education, and media, enhancing our capacity to deliver unparalleled training experiences.

Legacy Scaler® is more than just a training platform; it's a movement dedicated to cultivating thought leaders. Our vision is to serve as a catalyst for individuals ready to step beyond traditional roles and make significant contributions to their fields and communities.

By focusing on the unique needs of both small business owners and corporate executives, we tailor our programs to not just meet but exceed the dynamic demands of today’s professional landscapes. Join us at Legacy Scaler® to start your journey of transformation and leave a lasting legacy in your professional sphere.

Commitment to Growth and Excellence

Legacy Scaler®’s accolades are not just awards; they are milestones on a journey of lifelong learning and service. 

Certified Women's Business

Certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation's leading third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women.

Certified Minority Owned Business

Certified as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) through the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC), the nation's leading certifier of businesses owned and operated by minorities.

Certified Black-Owned & Minority Business

As deemed by the US Black Chamber of Commerce.

Master Presenter On ACEs- Trauma Informed Facilitator

Trained by the Maryland State Department of Education in trauma-informed education. Training included how to educate various audiences on the science, statistics, and behavioral strategies of Trauma by leading experts in trauma and social work.

Certified Behavioral Consultant

As a “whole”-istic business strategy consulting agency, we believe the strongest foundation to leadership and communication skills are understanding who you are and developing a powerful inner mindset. 

As a certified behavioral consultant, we empower you to dive deeper into finding clarity in who they are, how to manage stress, how to handle conflicts, and how to improve communication in their personal & professional life—all of which are key for getting your message out there in an impactful way.

Certified Master Marketer

As a purpose driven organization, we believe that marketing should come from the heart. We are dedicated to marketing and teaching our clients to market in a way that’s ethical and empathetic. That’s why we chose to become a Certified Master Marketer with Funnel Gorgeous Society.

As part of this certification, we spent many hours mastering funnel strategy, copywriting, and design. We incorporate all of this knowledge into all of our business consulting programs.

HoneyBook Educator

If you want to be a successful speaker and get paid in a big way to deliver your message, you’ve got to learn how to keep your business organized. Honeybook played a role in the transition from an underpaid and overwhelmed teacher to an internationally recognized speaker & consultant.

We love HoneyBook so much that we became an educator for their program!

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What People Are Saying

Legacy Scaler®'s work resonates with a chorus of praise, highlighting their transformative impact on individuals and audiences. From giving blueprints for success to providing clarity and strategy for income growth through speaking, the testimonials speak volumes about the legacy our company is helping others to build.

Kari Carter-Cherelus

"...Jasmin gave me the blueprint to be successful along with the strategy, support, and accountability to make sure I succeed. I couldn't have done it without her.”

Read Kari's Case Study

Anashay Wright

"...Now, instead of dreaming about getting paid well to speak I know exactly how to grow my income through speaking. The strategy and the clarity I’ve received through working with her are priceless."

Read Anashay's Case Study

Our Team

The synergy of Legacy Scaler®’s team mirrors the vision they hold dear. 


Operations Manager







Our Faculty

The faculty embody legacy-driven leadership & communication skills.

Jasmin Haley, MS

Lead Facilitator, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Curriculum Design, Difficult Conversations

Dr. Kimberly Erdman, EdD

Curriculum Design & Leadership

Chrysta Wilson, MPA, PCC

Ethical Storytelling, Emotional Intelligence, & DEI

Denitresse Ferrell

Feedback, DEI & Leadership

Meet the visionary.

Transforming Stages Into Experiences
With Jasmin Haley.

Welcome to the crossroads of empowerment and legacy, where Jasmin Haley stands as a beacon for professional women seeking to amplify their impact and influence with thought leadership. With over eight years of professional speaking, two decades in public health, and ten years in academia, Jasmin's journey is a testament to the power of voice and vision.

Jasmin’s path to becoming a thought leader wasn’t paved in gold—it was forged through adversity and a relentless pursuit of growth. Jasmin harnesses her wealth of experience and the collective brilliance of their faculty to facilitate motivational keynotes empowering training and dynamic 1:1 executive coaching programs.

The Highlights

  • Master’s Degree with a concentration in Education & Public Health.
  • Over a decade of experience in both classroom and clinical education settings. Expertise in Adult Learning Theories and Educational Pedagogy & Methodology.
  • Developer of enriching healthcare continuing education events and international speaker on topics ranging from communications, DEI, leadership, classroom management, and curriculum development.
  • Multiple leadership and distinction awards for her contributions and dedication to education and public health.
  • Master Presenter in ACEs & Trauma-Informed Facilitator
  • Author of "Breakthrough to Excellence" – guiding women to reclaim their power.
  • Renowned speaker and consultant, helping experts monetize their message with heart and authenticity.

Embark On A Journey Of Leadership Transformation

Are you ready to refine your executive presence, amplify your public speaking skills, and elevate your impact on any stage?