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Hi, I’m Jasmin.

And I empower experts to live their legacy and monetize their message on stage.


I’ve been on the stage since I was 10. But my journey to becoming a professional speaker actually started on the bathroom floor on October 19, 2014…

I still remember the experience vividly. I had just posted a picture-perfect photo of myself and my family celebrating our anniversary. But what my audience didn’t see was the reality—Me on the bathroom floor curled up in a ball as chronic stress and burnout manifested in extreme physical pain.

It wasn’t until my 5-year-old daughter walked in and found me there that I finally decided THIS was the moment I would change some things. Because this was the moment that I realized I was not carrying on my mother’s legacy. And I wouldn’t be able to as long as I lived in a constant state of burnout.

From Burning Out to Breaking Through


In 2016, I decided to leave my job and pursue my speaking career.

Previously, I had shifted from dental hygiene professional to college & university instructor and educational consultant because I thought that teaching would give me more time to be with my family. But I ended up in a toxic work environment that made me physically ill from stress and anxiety.

After going through my own personal development journey, I discovered the opportunities out there for professional speakers. I already knew I could teach and speak, I just wasn’t sure how to monetize it yet.

As one of the only black female dental hygienists and educators speaking nationally out of hundreds of thousands, I had to fully embrace my vulnerability and start sharing my wisdom even when I was unsure of myself at the beginning.

In 2020, I left dentistry to pursue consulting. As a speaking consultant, I’ve dedicated myself to helping others share their stories to inspire generational change. My Legacy Scaler®: HEART-Driven Speaker program helps experts like you confidently step on stage to amplify your impact.

I don’t just empower others to build speaking businesses. I’ve transformed over 10,000 attendees, and I continue to share my message on stages around the country on a range of topics like diversity and inclusion, trauma-informed care, and how to become a legacy-driven leader by overcoming burnout.

The Highlights

  • Obtained Masters Degree with a concentration in Education & Public Health
  • Awarded the Sunstar Award of Distinction in 2018 for her educational work with persons living with HIV/AIDS
  • Educator in an academic setting clinically and in the classroom for over 10 years
  • Professionally planned & organized continuing education events for a non-profit and for Beyond the Prophy LLC
  • Served on editorial boads for national recognized magazines and contributed blogs, articles & peer-reviewed articles
  • Served on a speaker selection committee for several occasions for a national event
  • Awarded the University of Maryland, Degree Completion Leadership Award in 2008
  • Awarded the Maryland Dental Hygienist's Association Leadership Award in 2007
  • Built a multi-six figure business through speaking & events, developed partnerships with corporate companies as a KOL, and grew an internationally recognized brand & podcast since 2016
  • Authored a book in February 2021, Breakthrough to Excellence, which supports women in reclaiming their power and achieving their goals

The Receipts Business

I’m always searching for new ways to expand my skill set to better serve my clients and my audiences. These are just a few of the ways I’ve worked to expand my own knowledge and experience. 

Certified Black-Owned & Minority Business

As deemed by the US Black Chamber of Commerce.

Certified Behavioral Consultant

As a “whole”-istic business strategist, I believe the strongest foundation to a successful speaking career is understanding who you are and developing a powerful inner mindset. This is how you will confidently sell yourself for the stage and command the price you deserve.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurial women who find it challenging to maximize their potential for growth and determine the necessary steps to build a successful speaking career.

As a certified behavioral consultant, I empower you to dive deeper into finding clarity in who you are, how to manage stress, how to handle conflicts, and how to improve communication in your personal & professional life—all of which are key for getting your message out there in a big way.

Certified Master Marketer

As a HEART-centered speaker and entrepreneur, I believe that marketing should come from the heart. I’m dedicated to marketing and teaching my clients to market in a way that’s ethical and empathetic. That’s why I chose to become a Certified Master Marketer with Funnel Gorgeous Society.

As part of this certification, I spent many hours mastering funnel strategy, copywriting, and design. I incorporate all of this knowledge into my Speaker Programs, Retreat, and Done-For-You Marketing Asset Services.

HoneyBook Educator

If you wanna be a successful speaker and get paid in a big way to deliver your message, you’ve got to learn how to keep your business organized. Honeybook played a big role in my transition from an underpaid and overwhelmed teacher to a nationally recognized speaker making bank.

I started using HoneyBook several years ago to organize and automate my business. Using their templates and workflows, I’m able to create an exceptional client experience. I love HoneyBook so much that I became an educator for their program!

Get started with my personal 50% discount. You’ll wonder how you did it before!

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Kari Carter-Cherelus

"...Jasmin gave me the blueprint to be successful along with the strategy, support, and accountability to make sure I succeed. I couldn't have done it without her.”

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Anashay Wright

"...Now, instead of dreaming about getting paid well to speak I know exactly how to grow my income through speaking. The strategy and the clarity I’ve received through working with her are priceless."

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