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We are committed to empowering corporate teams and institutions with the skills and strategies needed to lead with excellence. Our mission is to amplify leadership potential through personalized executive coaching, comprehensive capacity-building workshops, and on-demand training programs tailored for your organization's unique challenges. Let us help you build a legacy of success and impact.

Our Services


1:1 Executive Coaching: Personalized Leadership & Communication Growth for Senior-Level Leaders


Description: Our executive coaching is tailored to help senior-level leaders maximize their potential and drive organizational success. Through confidential, one-on-one sessions, we address specific challenges, refine communication skills, and develop a roadmap for sustainable growth in their communication.

    • Key Communication Benefits:
      • Gain clarity on leadership & communication goals
      • Improve communication and presentation skills
      • Enhance emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills
    • Key Thought Leadership & Executive Presence Benefits:
      • Increase your impact & visibility
      • Landing more external conference or association speaking stages
      • Generate additional revenue sources with speaking & training
      • Improve corporate and global brand loyalty
      • Improve your confidence in media interviews
      • Increase your audience satisfaction after presentation delivery
      • Increase productivity and employee retention in your organization 

 "Jasmin and her team are awesome. I came to her about preparing a tea party event. She not only helped me to develop the framework for the event, but her HEART method gave me the tools to share my story. I got more than I expected and I very grateful."

- Jesanda E., MicroBusiness Owner

 "Jasmin and her team were phenomenal to work with, and the client was happy with the overall product. We will plan to work with the team again because it was a seamless process with amazing results."

- Arquella H., HR Consulting Agency

 "From the moment Jasmin took the stage, her passion for empowering people through effective communication was obvious. One of the most impressive aspects of the workshop was Jasmin's ability to create a supportive and inclusive environment. Her positivity and encouragement were a major boost to a great day of programming."

- Brad Y., Executive Director of NC Institute Of Political Leadership

 Training & Capacity Building Workshops: Strengthen Your Team's Skills for Emerging and Mid-Level Leaders


Description: Our workshops are designed to address key leadership challenges and foster a culture of growth and collaboration. Delivered either in-person or virtually, each workshop combines industry-leading insights, peer-reviewed research with practical activities to empower your emerging and mid-level leaders.

  • Key Topics:
    • Presentation & Delivery Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Building a Legacy-Driven Leadership Culture
    • Feedback Delivery For Leaders
    • Effective Communication in Difficult Environments
    • Ethical Storytelling
    • Emotional Intelligence for High-Performance Teams
  • Formats Available:
    • Half-day or full-day workshops
    • Customized to your organization's needs

 Group On-Demand Training for Leaders: Learn at Your Own Pace


Description: Our on-demand training programs are curated to fit your busy schedule while delivering impactful learning experiences. Equip your leaders with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

  • Program Highlights:
    • Self-paced learning modules
    • Interactive assessments and quizzes
    • Certificate of completion for each module

 Unique Approach: The Legacy Scaler® Advantage

  • Customized Solutions: Every organization is unique. We take time to understand your specific needs and craft a solution that aligns with your goals.
  • Master Trauma-Informed Facilitators: Experts in creating safe, inclusive, and growth-oriented learning environments.
  • DEI Experts: Dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through every facet of our programs.
  • Over 20 Years of Experience in Adult Learning & Educational Methodology: Leaders in applying effective adult learning principles.
  • Curriculum Design & Management Experts: Specialists in designing engaging and effective curricula.
  • Combined 50 Years of Experience in the Leadership & Communication Industry: Bringing real-world insights and industry knowledge.

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Our Full-Service Done-For-Your Marketing Assets, Curriculum Design, and Pitching Services


At Legacy Scaler®, our Done-For-You Pitching service secures speaker opportunities that elevate your brand, while our expert Curriculum Design team crafts impactful and engaging learning experiences tailored to your organization's unique needs. Enhance your brand visibility with our professionally designed Marketing Assets, including speaker one-sheets, brochures, and digital content.


Done-For-You Curriculum Design Services

We are delighted to bring to you our Done-For-You (DFY) Curriculum Design Services. Our expertise in this field stems from Jasmin's rich background as a former educator, combined with her extraordinary success as an award-winning international professional speaker.

We work hand-in-hand with you to grow and scale your business with custom programs & monetization plans that are exclusively tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Whether it's live events, training programs, or curriculum development, we've got you covered. From detailed research and content creation to slide deck design, guides, and much more, we ensure your message is delivered in a compelling, impactful manner.

Leverage our special expertise in educational methodology to take your business to new heights.  To learn more about how we can support your business with our DFY services, don't hesitate to reach out in the form below.

Timeframe: Minimum of 72 hours needed. Dependent on services.

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Done-For-You Speaker Pitching Services


We are thrilled to introduce you to our Done-For-You (DFY) Speaker Pitching Services. Drawing inspiration from Jasmin’s distinguished journey as a speaker, we've meticulously crafted one tailored packages, ensuring  speakers amplify their voice and broaden their impact.

Working closely with you, we unveil pathways to coveted stages where your voice resonates, your story inspires, and your expertise illuminates. The DFY Custom Speaker Pitching Services are designed for experienced speakers, offering a personalized approach that aligns with your specific needs and expertise.

Precision, and strategic alignment underscore our approach. With research-driven methods, we pinpoint opportunities, tailor pitches, and forge connections, ensuring your voice echoes in arenas where it matters most.

With Legacy Scaler® at your side, every word articulated is a step towards your legacy, every stage graced, a chapter in your unfolding story. To explore the opportunities awaiting with our DFY Speaker Pitching Services, reach out via the form below.

Timeframe: Month-to-Month contracts are available. Responses are swift, and tailored proposals follow a consultation.

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