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Is this you?


You feel overwhelmed and run ragged by your day-to-day biz tasks and want to take action on goals you have let sit for weeks, months, or years.


You want more time to generate more income in your business and you need help in organizing your business so you can scale it and grow it.

Mind Trash

You know you need to work on the internal mind trash that makes you feel that you're never enough and not worthy of achieving your goals.

Need Answers

You want answers to your questions, accountability, and strategy that fits in with the life & business you want to build.

And you are a purpose-led entrepreneur that wants to build a business legacy that impacts your family, community, and customers you serve...

If this describes you, you're in the right place!

Jasmin Haley an award-winning national speaker, podcaster, pro-educator, and Biz Strategist will help you in creating the business you love without creating more overwhelm & working long hours that keep you away from all that you value most.

Two Ways I Can Help You


It's not our fault. Growing & scaling a business is hard but not impossible. Jasmin was able to successfully accomplish building a profitable business while raising her family, going to grad school, and overcoming her own limiting views of success.

Learn More About Jasmin

Almost 8 years ago, the woman you see today did not exist. Her passion and brilliance were simmered down to non-existence because she opted to play small and live her life in fear.

Her unwillingness to learn who she was, her choice to be a people pleaser, and allow her voice to be silenced, would lead her to live a life full of chronic stress, depression, and anxiety.

Jasmin eventually hit the pit of despair and she wrongly thought that it can easily be fixed by finding a new job and leaving the dental industry.

Repeated visits to the emergency rooms, unexplainable severe gastrointestinal pain, debilitating migraines, panic attacks, irritability nearly every week were not enough for her to take action for change.

It wasn't until the tragic and unexpected death of her mother did she truly get to see the futility of life.

In the premature loss in the hopes and dreams of her mother, she realized she was living her life caged and unhappy. She was truly burnt out!

She came to the realization it was time for a change. It was time to LIVE her life, to FACE her fears, to take CARE of herself, and to NURTURE the Queen within.

Her decision led to the creation of her queendom.

She built a six-figure business and a highly recognizable brand in the healthcare industry.

In 2020, Jasmin made the courageous decision to pivot her brand outside of dentistry and focus on consulting entrepreneurial women to go for their own goals & build a profitable business while maintaining their personal lives. 

Jasmin is committed to changing the narrative of burnt-out entrepreneurs so we can continue to work towards building better communities and making an impact in the lives of the clients we serve.

As Seen On

Today, Jasmin empowers entrepreneurial women to overcome their fear, build their confidence, systems, and strategy that honors their God-given talents.

She is a highly sought-after biz strategist, educator, motivational keynote speaker, and curator of impactful events.

PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant Badge

Certified Behavioral Consultant

As a “whole”-istic business strategist, I believe the strongest foundation to a successful business is understanding who you are and developing a strong mindset. I can give you all of the strategy in the world and it would mean nothing if you don’t have this in check!

As a business strategist, I often work with entrepreneurial women who find it hard to understand their strengths, maximize their potential for personal/professional growth, and determine the next steps in their career and/or business.

As a certified behavioral consultant, I help you dive deeper into finding clarity in who you are, where your values/beliefs/goals would best be suited, how to manage stress, how to handle conflicts, and improve communications in your personal/professional life.

HoneyBook Educator

Business organization is essential to getting your life back. I stopped working super late nights… want to know how?

Templates! I started using HoneyBook a several years ago, and I have all my important emails, pricing lists and contracts set up so I don’t have to copy and paste anymore.

I’ve also added these templates to my workflows so my clients automatically receive updates when I want them to. Most importantly, it helped my business deliver 5-star service to my clients.

When HoneyBook reached out to me to become an educator for their program, it was a no-brainer!! 

Get started with my personal 50% discount. You’ll wonder how you did it before!

Offer & Copy Master

Marketing should come from the heart! I never have and never will believe in sleazy sales tactics.

It's the reason I've devoted my professional education to become a certified master marketer.

I've spent numerous hours mastering funnel strategy, copywriting, and design.

I incorporate all of this knowledge into my Legacy Scaler™ program. Find out more about the program by clicking here


Meet the Team

Amber Auger

"Jasmin has one of the strongest characters I have ever seen. She consistently chooses to take the highest of roads in everything she does. Jasmin strives to be the best version of her self and leads others to do the same. She is a powerful thought leader who is humble enough to impact everyone she meets."

Susan Cotten

"Where do I begin to describe the impact Jasmin has had in both my professional, and personal life. As a coach she has empowered, challenged, encouraged, and supported me, to develop and grow my consulting and speaking business, and to look beyond what I thought possible.

Personally, observing and interacting with Jasmin, and witnessing her vulnerability and honesty, has empowered me to step out and be vulnerable, and embrace the woman God made me to be and the work He has for me to accomplish."

Martelle Coke

"Jasmin organized and focused on key factors that would grow my non-profit. Her strategic insight and expertise helped the organization and its revenue tremendously. After our first session, I started to see improvements with memberships and target groups. This success directly correlates with the action plan given by Jasmin. She is upfront and realistic. I am most satisfied with the expectations and outcomes. Thank you, sis!"