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Is this you?


You have a message you need to share but are stuck in self-doubt and how-to’s that you haven’t been able to break through your fears & make speaking a viable income stream.


Your business remains in a cycle of feast or famine while you chase every audience-building activity out there without achieving the results you seek in brand or revenue growth. 

Need Guidance

You know you want to grow your business & increase your revenue by leveraging speaking, but you don’t want to go through all of the tedious social media posting & event planner networking to achieve it.


You already speak or teach courses as your profession, but you struggle with getting paid what you know you are worth. You know it’s time to monetize and rise in the speaking world.

And you are a purpose-led entrepreneur that wants to build a business legacy that impacts your family, community, and customers through the power of speaking…

If this describes you, you're in the right place!

Jasmin Haley, an award-winning national speaker, podcaster, pro-educator, and biz strategist can help you create your signature keynote, course, or workshop so that you can turn your message into a monetizable asset from the stage.

Four Ways I Can Help You


There is serious growth happening in the speaking world which means there is plenty of room for you to have a piece of the pie. All you need to do is embrace your vulnerability and step up to share your transformational message from the stage.

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Jasmin is a nationally recognized keynote speaker, podcaster, author, and consultant dedicated to helping you find your inner voice and the confidence to climb on stage totally naked (vulnerability wise!) and share your message in a way that transforms your audience.

As a New Yorker born into a family where resources were scarce, Jasmin blazed her path from a determined young healthcare student to a multiple six figures entrepreneur with nothing but her audacious character, infectious voice, and a calling to share her message.

How does a woman transform from a self-conscious kid who hid her smile to a vibrant entrepreneur who makes her own rules? 

Don’t ask for permission and break all the rules!

Jasmin began the pursuit of her speaking career in 2016 after years of working in healthcare and education by creating her own platforms and opportunities where there were none. 

As the only black dental hygienist and educator speaking nationally out of hundreds of thousands, she had to fully embrace her vulnerability and start transmitting her wisdom even when she was unsure of herself during those first events. She continued to speak on stage until she was UNDENIABLE & no longer had to seek out speaking gigs. 

The power of belief is incredibly powerful.

She has spoken to and educated over 10,000 audience members since she founded her business and has impacted countless others through her three acclaimed podcasts, consulting and coaching business, and the Legacy Scaler™ Speaking Training Program

Today Jasmin shares her transformative message on stages and platforms around the country on topics ranging from Diversity & Inclusion, adverse childhood experiences (ACES), becoming legacy-driven leaders, and creating H.E.A.R.T-Driven presentations. Her inclusive message has impacted the lives of her audience members and transformed the businesses of entrepreneurs she has coached to business growth and successful speaking careers.

Her  Legacy Scaler™: HEART-Driven Speaker Program helps experts step onto the stage with confidence & amplify their impact as they scale their businesses to multi-six figures and beyond. Her philosophy focuses on building confidence, refining presentation & delivery skills to reach the hearts of your audience, and creating business systems to support your speaking goals without sacrificing what you love most in life. 

Life is finite and we each have a God-given purpose. 

What are you here to embody?

Jasmin is here to share her voice, make a positive impact on her community, and bless her family with support as she builds a legacy for her daughter and future generations. 

Her mission is to help each of you do the same.

As Seen In

Today, Jasmin empowers entrepreneurial women to amplify their impact & influence through the power of speaking. She is devoted to helping others build their confidence, create their systems, and develop a biz strategy that honors their God-given talents.

She is a highly sought-after motivational keynote speaker, biz strategist, educator, and curator of impactful events.

PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant Badge

Certified Behavioral Consultant

As a “whole”-istic business strategist, I believe the strongest foundation to a successful speaking career is understanding who you are and developing a powerful inner mindset. This is how you will confidently sell yourself for the stage and command the price you deserve. 

As a business strategist, I often work with entrepreneurial women who find it hard to maximize their potential for growth and determine the necessary steps to build a successful speaking career. 

As a certified behavioral consultant, I help you dive deeper into finding clarity in who you are, how to manage stress, how to handle conflicts, and how to improve communications in your personal & professional life, all of which are key for getting your message out there in a big way.

HoneyBook Educator

Business organization is essential for not just speaking successfully, but for getting paid in a big way to deliver your message. Over my career educating and speaking I transitioned from underpaid and overwhelmed to a nationally sold out speaker making bank…want to know how?

Templates! I started using HoneyBook several years ago, and I have all my important emails, pricing lists and contracts set up so I don’t have to copy and paste anymore.

I’ve also added these templates to my workflows so my clients automatically receive updates when I want them to. Most importantly, it helps my business deliver 5-star service to my clients.

When HoneyBook reached out to me to become an educator for their program, it was a no-brainer!! 

Get started with my personal 50% discount. You’ll wonder how you did it before!

Offer & Copy Master

Marketing should come from the heart! I never have and never will believe in sleazy sales tactics.

It's the reason I've devoted my professional education to become a certified master marketer.

I've spent numerous hours mastering funnel strategy, copywriting, and design.

I incorporate all of this knowledge into my Legacy Scaler™ Heart Driven Speaker Program. Find out more about the program by clicking here


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