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Purge The Tumbleweeds Out Of Your Head


There’s something I’d like to set straight for all my entrepreneurial go-getters out there.


You won’t be able to capture those dreams of yours until you take your mindset as seriously as you take your next strategizing session. 


I’m here today to purge those tumbleweeds out of your head and provide some clarity on how to understand and master your mindset as a professional. Because mindset is not just some woo woo thing that's only useful for people in need of self-help. 


It is the most important component of anyone’s entrepreneurial longevity and success.


Every business owner who wants to level up must address and take control of their inner perspective. It is what will take you to the next stage of entrepreneurship no matter if you are just starting out or an established pro. Tweaking and owning your mindset is imperative to become the entrepreneur you envision. 


Today we will examine the...

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Entrepreneurship Is Meant To Be Experienced Collectively and Collaboratively


Entrepreneurship isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It requires devotion and fearlessness plus a lot of time and energy. And it can get lonely out there when you’re a solo gal putting in long hours. 


In fact, it can be downright isolating. 


But it is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet for a reason: you are working for yourself in your chosen field.


So how can we better handle the challenges of being an entrepreneur? 


As a thriving female solopreneur who transitioned from healthcare to a successful speaking and coaching career, I know that if you want to do the entrepreneur thang, you need to collaborate. You gotta get out from behind the computer and go network, join mastermind groups, and invest in coaching. 


I created the Breakthrough to Excellence™ network and business membership, so YOU don’t have to chase your goals alone. Get answers, support, and mindset coaching from a network...

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