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Purge The Tumbleweeds Out Of Your Head


There’s something I’d like to set straight for all my entrepreneurial go-getters out there.


You won’t be able to capture those dreams of yours until you take your mindset as seriously as you take your next strategizing session. 


I’m here today to purge those tumbleweeds out of your head and provide some clarity on how to understand and master your mindset as a professional. Because mindset is not just some woo woo thing that's only useful for people in need of self-help. 


It is the most important component of anyone’s entrepreneurial longevity and success.


Every business owner who wants to level up must address and take control of their inner perspective. It is what will take you to the next stage of entrepreneurship no matter if you are just starting out or an established pro. Tweaking and owning your mindset is imperative to become the entrepreneur you envision. 


Today we will examine the difference between a scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset, the difference between a growth mindset versus fixed mindset, and why we need mindset work as entrepreneurs to thrive in the long term.


Let’s get into it! 


The Importance of Your Mindset


Why We All Need Mindset Work 


When we seek to build our business and brand, we need to start at ground zero. For every single one of us, this means examining how we perceive the world and interpret and value ourselves. 


Our mindsets develop from the time we are born onward into maturity. Whatever internal stories we develop, traumas we experience, and challenges we face contribute to the perspective we walk the world with. 


As entrepreneurs looking to transform, if we can reach this level of our consciousness, we can gain significant insight into how we react and act to our environment, including our behavior as professionals. By understanding how we interpret the external, we can learn how to shift our outlook to one that is the most beneficial to us and our business. 


What do you believe about yourself? 


What do you believe you are capable of? 


How do you interpret and overcome challenges when they come knocking?


Your answers to these queries define how you perceive events you experience and what actions you respond with. And as entrepreneurs, we need to keep our eye on the prize no matter what appears to stand in the way of our goals. This takes tenacity, perseverance, and a powerful belief in our own abilities. 


In other words: MINDSET! 


Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, it takes grit, determination, guts, and backbone to fly through that flaming hoop, but I know you‘ve got it in you. Now let’s consider what mindsets are the most advantageous for entrepreneurs. 


Scarcity Versus Abundance Mindset 


One way we can improve our mindsets is by cultivating a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity. 


Scarcity and abundance mindsets were conceived by Stephen Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In a scarcity mindset, people conceptualize the materials and possibilities in life as limited and believe that they have to compete for opportunities. This outlook can keep you feeling stuck without many options. In business, it can cause you to get trapped in short term thinking and cause you to victimize yourself when you don’t get what you hoped for.


An abundance mindset is when people understand life as abundant and limitless with plenty of resources for everyone. The perspective shift has a gigantic effect on how you experience and live life. 


Is there more than enough for everyone to share, or will there never be enough for everyone?


Is your overriding emotion one of fear or self-confidence? 


Do you feel like a victim, or do you feel empowered to claim what you desire? 


An abundance mindset will give you more contentment and confidence and encourages big thinking, while a scarcity mindset brings stress and fear and yields a restricted outlook for what is possible in the future. 


As entrepreneurs, we need to shift ourselves into an abundance mindset to stay positive and determined to attain what we pursue. 


To accomplish this, you need to feel gratitude for what you have and see your gifts as opportunities instead of focusing on the negative. It also helps to surround yourself with peers and mentors who also hold an abundance mindset and can keep you inspired throughout any challenges you encounter. And when these challenges do come along, try and view them as teachers that will that bring you wisdom for the future.


Why Entrepreneurship Requires Mindset Work


You Need the Right Mindset at Every stage of the Game


Entrepreneurship is powered by mindset. So you gotta fine-tune yours at whatever stage you’re in: emerging, transitioning, or mastering. To reach great heights, you have to believe you can achieve. No matter what anyone else thinks. 


Your internal dialogue and self-esteem need to be built on optimism and the knowledge that you are capable of what you seek. This is why we need mindset work as entrepreneurs. It’s a long haul to success and life may not have allowed us to develop the beneficial mindset and self-confidence we need. 


To do mindset work, we may need to employ a coach, engage a mentor, or join a network of entrepreneurs to give us the extra boost we need to endure and blossom. Through an outside guide, we can begin to understand our present perspective, develop the essential mindset principles of determination and boldness, and become the architects of our future.


If You Want to Kill the Long Game 


Developing a growth mindset is one way to keep yourself inspired and persevering over the long term. 


Growth mindsets were studied by Carol Dweck during research where she observed some students who were more resilient in response to setbacks while others seemed to shut down in reaction to a perceived stumble. She created the terms growth and fixed mindset to explain the internal perspectives people hold about their intellect and learning capacities that cause these reactions. 


Growth mindsets are characterized by their belief in the possibility to improve yourself and your intelligence. In contrast, fixed mindsets are characterized by the belief that a person’s capacities and innate intelligence are fixed and unalterable. 


Fixed mindset holders tend to make less effort because they don’t think they can improve while those who hold growth mindsets make more effort and master more because they believe in continuous learning.


Obviously, as entrepreneurs, who want to reach our goals, we need to cultivate a growth mindset that keeps us motivated and learning. To succeed in the long term, we need to stay flexible, embrace changes, overcome obstacles, and keep learning. If you want to shift to a growth mindset, try to focus on your inner gifts instead of self-doubt and self-criticism. And believe in the possibility of learning at every stage of life. 


Rock Your Mindset and Rock Your Life


We’ve established today that mindset is the most important aspect of establishing your entrepreneurial brand and keeping your business booming. 


And as entrepreneurs, we need to embrace the positive mindsets that empower us and develop our self-confidence. Suppose we can develop an abundance mindset and growth perspective that allows us to face challenges without giving up and inspires us to be continuous learners. In that case, we can enhance the success and longevity of our business.  


What I’m offering right now is my business membership, where we work directly on your mindset through coaching and networking. The goal of this membership is to build confidence, construct your goals, and elevate your mindset and business to the next level. Together with our empowerment coach, we will get you into a CEO mindset and leave behind the paralyzing self-doubt that may have stopped you from taking risks in the past. Join our Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network here and gain the community, clarity, and mentorship you need to rock this year out as an entrepreneur. 


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