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Entrepreneurship Is Meant To Be Experienced Collectively and Collaboratively


Entrepreneurship isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It requires devotion and fearlessness plus a lot of time and energy. And it can get lonely out there when you’re a solo gal putting in long hours. 


In fact, it can be downright isolating. 


But it is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet for a reason: you are working for yourself in your chosen field.


So how can we better handle the challenges of being an entrepreneur? 


As a thriving female solopreneur who transitioned from healthcare to a successful speaking and coaching career, I know that if you want to do the entrepreneur thang, you need to collaborate. You gotta get out from behind the computer and go network, join mastermind groups, and invest in coaching. 


I created the Breakthrough to Excellence™ network and business membership, so YOU don’t have to chase your goals alone. Get answers, support, and mindset coaching from a network that is there whenever you need some motivation or want to ask a question. 


Being an entrepreneur is not for the timid, but make it less isolating by finding the right community to collaborate and bond with. 


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart


Burnout is real y’all


Through the hills and valleys of entrepreneurship, many of us experience burnout. We sputter to a stop after speeding through the initial phases of our business. Inevitably we cannot keep up the relentless pace forever. And when we crash it's a devastating hit to our egos, minds, and bodies.


This is especially true for high functioning and driven entrepreneurs. While these are wonderful traits, it makes some entrepreneurs more susceptible to extremes, leading to fixation and instability. If they identify too much with the business thrills and spills, it can create a seesaw of emotions. 


A chronic condition caused by unchecked stress and ignoring our mind and body's cries for help, burnout contributes to weakened immunity, heart issues, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It can lead to a total physical and emotional shutdown. According to one study, there are 12 stages, beginning with an obsession to prove yourself and an inability to turn off work mode.


We gotta keep an eye out for these troubling symptoms and remedy them immediately if they appear. 


Many Businesses Fail in the Startup Phase


While you’re chasing your dreams through the entrepreneurial avenues, remember that many new businesses hit stumbling blocks and nine out of ten startups fail within the first two years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of small businesses fail within the first year, 33% within two years, and 50% within five years! Cash flow is the most common reason, followed by an inability to find customers and poor market research. 


Despite the odds, we gotta stand strong in the pursuit of our entrepreneurial vision and fight for our place in the market. 


It Can Be Lonely In This Game


Entrepreneurship is exciting and addicting, but like everything, it has a shadow side. 


Beyond the high rates of failure, it is a lonely pursuit. When you devote the majority of your life force to being a solopreneur, you walk a lot of this path on your own. You might work alone, not see peers often and have little spare time for outside pursuits and family time.


When this kind of loneliness becomes consistent, your brain moves into a state of self-preservation, putting you on the defensive and in search of external threats. Not an ideal state of mind for productivity or your personal life!


Researchers suggest we can beat loneliness by joining or building a network of similar-minded people or focusing on a mission or purpose bigger than our own self-gain. 


That's another green light for joining our virtual business membership!  


The “Death Valley in Business” 


In entrepreneurship, there are constant ups and downs, but these hills and valleys are part of the growing process. We gotta persevere so our career can bloom. 


The beginning of any endeavor is especially dangerous. This pivotal phase lasts from when operations begin until the revenue starts rolling in, and makes or breaks businesses. It is known as the “Death Valley in business.”


You need to start bringing in the dollars before you devour all the capital you step into the ring with. Cover all beginning expenses and unforeseen costs, and the quicker you get that cash flowing, the more likely you are to conquer this curve. 


Don’t Journey Alone


Invest in joining networks


Networks are crucial to finding support and thriving as entrepreneurs. They are great for overcoming isolation and finding others who are experiencing what we are. This is why I recommend joining my network of peers who can strengthen your vision and motivate you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Through this network, our community, mindset coach, and I will help you gain clarity and encouragement to pursue your goals. 


We build your confidence so you choose action, consistency, and can build a profitable business. Many of our members have ventured into entrepreneurship, made a little profit, but are now ready to take some bigger risks and expand. They seek motivation and affirmation to take these giant steps. Our network provides that combination of coaching, training, and group forums to keep you feeling fierce as you grow. 


Invest in coaching or masterminds 


Investing in career and mastermind coaching is one of the most intelligent strategic moves any fierce businesswoman can make. 


As a coach, speaker and consultant who flourished as a solopreneur, I have recently been in your shoes as a newbie entrepreneur and offer a unique skill set for anyone looking to grow and prosper. I get where you’re at and know how to move forward. 


Having completed the transition from healthcare to building a six-figure career, I have massive insights into how to step into your power and succeed. I expanded my career through grit, passion, and desire, but I am no stranger to self-doubt, fear, and feelings of inadequacy. These are beasts I know how to engage and overcome. 


Many coaches dole out business strategy, but I take a holistic approach to business ownership using mindset coaching. Ultimately, mindset training will help you survive the death valleys of entrepreneurship. Our community is full of support and friendship, with a wicked kick of monthly mindset tweaking.


My membership network supports you with honest feedback when other people are doubting you and giving you a hard time. You are no longer alone. 


Co-working Spaces In-person or Virtually 


Whether you’re looking for a virtual space of a physical spot to get into workflow mode, you can find it. Physical co-working provides some initial community building for lonely entrepreneurs, but virtual co-working spaces have opened the field, bringing diverse people together from around the planet. Benefits include noise control, low cost, limited interruptions and the capability to build a global team without leaving your home. The Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network combines all of these benefits in a killer entrepreneurial community you can access anywhere. 


Join Forces and Prosper 


Let’s wrap this convo up with a quick recap!


It's hard out there working on your own, feeling isolated and overwhelmed as you battle burnout, business failure, lack of community, and the death valley curve. But these fears are natural, and they can be overcome.


If you want to triumph in the long term, consider joining a network, engaging in coaching and mastermind development, or connecting with a virtual co-working space. These can give you the vital infusion of strength and confidence you need to continue pursuing your entrepreneurial goals.


And if you are on the lookout for some female entrepreneurial support with a community of gutsy ladies, check out my Breakthrough to Excellence™ business membership here


This network will fine-tune your strategy and support your passion through every stage of your business development through group meetings, monthly training, and mindset coaching meetings. 


Keep pushing game changers!


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