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How To Know What You Want In Your Biz with Romita Bulchandani

breakthrough to excellence podcast burnout empathy entrepreneurship mindset Mar 10, 2021

Sometimes in the pursuit of our career or goals, we are so driven we lose sight of the important things in our lives, leaving us exhausted and drained with no sense of self. But sometimes simply taking a step back, reevaluating, and pressing the reset button can be exactly what you need to reclaim your life.


In this episode, we talk to Romita Bulchandani, who has 15+ years of experience as a leader in Fortune 200 companies like The Walt Disney Company, Marriott International, and DaVita. She partnered and led alongside operations, sales, brand management,  and human resources teams.


 Topics we discuss


  • Learning empathy in a corporate structure.
  • Burn out, even when you have a high-paying job and money is not an object.
  • Returning to yourself and taking a step back.
  • Making the decision to pursue entrepreneurship.
  • Staying true to yourself,  your dreams, and making decisions based on your goals, not others.
  • Having the mindset to live the life you want based on your terms.


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