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Healthcare Practitioners Can Provide Superior Service And Create A Business They Love with Dr. Mary Snowden

breakthrough to excellence podcast entrepreneurship healthcare provider ideal client mindset shift Dec 02, 2020

Pivoting your career can be really challenging, especially as a healthcare provider. We are often given the tools to learn how to pass exams and get our degrees, but the knowledge to run a business isn’t there. But it’s imperative, especially if you want to grow!

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Mary Sawdon, a naturopathic doctor, fertility coach, healthpreneur, and mother. She is an associate at Brown & Brown Family Chiropractic in Newcastle, Ontario, and Chief Cheerleader of The Fertility Fundamentals, a naturopath led fertility collective working towards supporting women throughout their infertility journey. As a naturopath and fertility coach, she helps mums-to-be get calm, confident, and in control of their fertility. She is passionate about helping women thrive on their fertility journey; leading them from isolation and overwhelm towards a life of renewed purpose and support. 


Topics we cover:


  • How the path to entrepreneurship isn’t always a straight line 
  • Why niching down actually HELPS your clients more than anything 
  • The mindset shifts that have to happen to go from healthcare provider to business owner 
  • How your ideal client is often YOU from just a few years back and how to identify them
  • Learning how to say no and why that is so important 


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