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How Your Content Can Expand Your Visibility

Dec 12, 2023

Leveraging your voice and story through speaking and training requires creating content that supports your message and mission. 

If strategic content is vital to building your community and growing your business, how can you consistently showcase your authentic self online and use this content to increase your revenue?

In this episode, social media expert and community-building genius Jourdan Guyton reveals her methods for creating amazing content, building curated communities online, and funneling abundant income streams into your business.  

Focus Points: 

  • Why Content Is Key For Your Visibility 
  • How Content Can Qualify The Right Clients To Work With You 
  • Positioning Yourself As An Expert Through Content
  • Why Your Content Needs To Be Infused With You 
  • Myths Holding You Back From Leveraging Your Content

Jourdan Guyton is a social media content expert and curated community-building genius. As the owner of Vera Jean Media, she partners with companies that serve small business owners to teach them how to use social media content to amplify and monetize their offers online. After starting her business from scratch in 2020, Jourdan has generated multiple six-figures and has grown her Instagram audience to +88,000 amazing humans. Her passion is helping small business owners & creators showcase their authentic selves through their content to make more money online. 



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