Jasmin is an expert in curriculum development, a passionate educator, and master curator of impactful experiences. Attend an online program or in-person event and be prepared to be empowered!

Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

Jasmin Haley's Entrepreneur Bootcamp Webinar Series

I've got a special 4-week webinar series created for the emerging entrepreneur or business owner year 1-5. I will take you through finding your strengths, time management as a business owner, using free tools to automate your business, and taking your knowledge to create a digital course. These topics are based on the pressing needs YOU have shared with me and I want you to feel supported on your journey.


This series begins May 18th. 


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Online Courses for Dental Providers

What In The World Can I Do With My Dental Hygiene Degree? {FREE}

Face it, as dental professionals we are planners and we need every detail before we make a decision. Is career advancement associated with degree advancement? What options are out there if you advance your degree? 

This course will discuss what you can do with your degree in dental hygiene regardless if you advance your degree. This course will use the real life experiences of the founder of Beyond the Prophy. Get ready to get real about career advancement and seeking opportunities in the dental industry!

Learn ways to #thinkbeyondtheprophy with your DH degree.

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The Future of Diversity

Dental Professionals value the role that diversity contributes to society. Diversity has evolved and includes more than race and ethnicity. Many diverse populations are underserved or overlooked. There are a number of populations that have growing evidence of health disparities. Dental professionals must prepare themselves for the future of diversity and develop strategies to provide the best patient-centered care.

*This courses satisfies the DC board requirements for (2) hours of continuing education requirements on cultural competency or training focused on clients who identify as LGBTQ. 

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Your Professional Freedom Roadmap: Five Practical Steps To Elevate Your Career

Learn five practice steps to elevate your career in this FREE on-demand webinar. 

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The Will To Do What Is Right: Ethical Principles and Values for the Dental Professional

The communities we serve have entrusted within healthcare professionals the responsibility to provide the best patient-centered care. Clinicians can often find themselves in ethical dilemmas when faced with challenging circumstances beyond their control. This course will overview ethical values, principles, and strategies to maintain our professional responsibility during our patient care.

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