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How To Start Your Business Without The Headaches

You have this amazing idea and you want to share it with the world. You know you can help others solve their problem but you have no clue how to start your business.

Save yourself some headaches by learning from entrepreneur Jasmin Haley. She successfully took her side hustle and grew it from $0 to 6-figures without a business degree! She is a healthcare provider turned professional speaker, national educator, and business coach. 

This action-packed course is going to simplify the process for you!

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For entrepreneurs who are ready to stop throwing spaghetti on the wall, reclaim their time, and increase profitability.

Being “busy” in business doesn’t equate to generating income.

Are you frustrated with the slow growth you have in attaining your income goals?

Are you tired of doing all the things and want to get straight to what matters in business?

This is the course for you.

This action-packed masterclass facilitated by a nationally-awarded speaker and biz growth strategist, Jasmin Haley,  will demonstrate the impactful method she delivers in her Legacy Scaler™ program. The CONSTRUCT method will help empower you to action so that you can build your business legacy and continue to have a thriving life.  


For entrepreneurs & professionals who are ready to create their legacy on stage.

You are ready to share your story and amplify your brand through your message.

Or perhaps you have multiple topics and passions but you are unsure of how to narrow down your expertise to create a recognizable brand in your industry.

This action-packed masterclass facilitated by a nationally-awarded speaker and biz strategist, Jasmin Haley,  will demonstrate her impactful framework, the H.E.A.R.T. method,  to create your own signature keynote/course. 

Replay available for purchase! 

Build Your Legacy On Stage Here!

"Jasmin provides applicable suggestions to realistic situations. As an educator she is an effective communicator and makes great effort to accommodate all learning styles and levels. Attend one of her classes for the professional guidance and expertise, but stay for the personality!"

Suzanne Burgee

"I really enjoyed the presentation. I would love to learn more and get involved."

Karen Thomas

"I attended this course not 100% sure what I would learn or honestly what it was all about. I now know I have a lot to learn in the technology arena and look forward to working with Jasmin to learn a ton! Thank you Jasmin for your patience with questions and help throughout the seminar."

Tricia O.

"If you are beginning your entrepreneurial journal, Jasmin is the ONE to speak too! She is very knowledgable with great resources that will help you reach your goals!"

Danni Gomes

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