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Scale Your Biz Workshop

You know you are made for more in your business and you are ready to get to the next level. However, you lack the clarity and organization to determine how to get there.

Join the Scale Your Biz Workshop from January 18-26 hosted in our Facebook group "Breakthrough to Excellence™: From Side Hustler to CEO".

A workbook, daily homework, and video trainings are included in this free training.
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Start Your Business Signature Course

A self-guided course program for aspiring or early-stage biz owners who want to go from $0 to consistent 4-figure months. This program will share the business principles that will help you get started with building consistent revenue, establish brand authority, help you organize your business, get clarity in the direction of your business, and TECH help!! 
Over 30 training videos included a business resource library with behind the scenes of how Jasmin organizes and systemizes her business. 
Topics include: Creating a brand, developing your ICA, developing an online community, how to do market research, how to organize your business, common tech tools for starting a business, how to start your business without the headaches, and more!
Includes: A 30-minute strategic session with Jasmin to map out your business strategy plan for the next 6-months.
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2nd Annual ReviveHer Vision Board Party

Join Jasmin for 1-week in a private Facebook Group where we walk through the process of setting your mind up for your intention of the year and the grand finale of creating our board on Wednesday, January 6 at 7:00 pm EST. 

Set your intentions for the year with a group of like-minded women who are ambitious, go-getters, and determined to conquer their goals. )


How to Focus: Get Your Biz Profitable & Organized

→ Cut the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
→ Give you the tools to know-how, and when to scale your business
→ What do you need to be organized with your business, without any extra hours
→ How to intentionally set your business for profit (Yes! That includes the pricing strategy secret)
→ Why defining “enough” is the magic sauce for your business success (and why “enough” will NEVER cap your goals)

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"Jasmin provides applicable suggestions to realistic situations. As an educator she is an effective communicator and makes great effort to accommodate all learning styles and levels. Attend one of her classes for the professional guidance and expertise, but stay for the personality!"

Suzanne Burgee

"I really enjoyed the presentation. I would love to learn more and get involved."

Karen Thomas

"I attended this course not 100% sure what I would learn or honestly what it was all about. I now know I have a lot to learn in the technology arena and look forward to working with Jasmin to learn a ton! Thank you Jasmin for your patience with questions and help throughout the seminar."

Tricia O.

"If you are beginning your entrepreneurial journal, Jasmin is the ONE to speak too! She is very knowledgable with great resources that will help you reach your goals!"

Danni Gomes

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