Profitable Speaker Roadmap

Amplify your expertise by building your legacy from the stage!


The motivational speakers’ market in the United States has generated an estimated $1.9 billion in revenue in 2019 [Marketdata]. It is projected to grow at a 4.1% average annual pace, reaching $2.30 billion by 2025 [Marketdata]. 


So, what does that mean for you?

It means as an experienced speaker (experience is relative so let’s just say, you have given 5 gigs & above) there is enough for you to have a piece of that pie too.


That’s right, I believe every speaker should be paid well for their expertise. 


We put in countless hours of research, practicing our presentation & delivery, lending our years of experience through our expertise, nurturing the audience from the stage (before & after), and creating transformation with the power of our voice. 


Your voice is the most powerful muscle we have in transforming lives and amplifying our purpose or legacy.


Getting paid for your expertise leads to more GROWTH, more IMPACT, and more LEGACY BUILDING.

You can scale your business through the stage and establish your business legacy!


Through my Legacy Scaler™ & H.E.A.R.T framework, I can show you the steps to build a strong foundation for your speaking business and reach the hearts of your audience.
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Benefit #1

Develop & build your confidence for on and off the stage

Benefit #2 

Strengthen Your Speaking Business Acumen To Build A Sustainable Revenue Source

Benefit #3

Create The Brand Authority To Position Yourself As A Speaker


Meet Jasmin

Jasmin is a nationally-awarded speaker, author, educator, thought leader, coach, and podcaster dedicated to helping audiences understand that the time is now if they want to make an impact and serve their communities from the heart.


She has spoken to and educated over 10,000 audience members since she began her career in speaking and has impacted countless others through her podcasts, educational programs, and consulting business. Her proprietary process, The H.E.A.R.T. MethodologyTM for connecting with audiences guarantees that attendees will leave your event motivated & transformed.


Jasmin is a thought leader & pioneer of professional speaking in healthcare where she developed the diversity conversation within oral care.  She continues to bring an inclusive mindset to every stage and room that she steps onto so that every audience member feels welcome. She is a sought after speaker who delivers powerful results for her audiences and has been featured and worked with national healthcare media outlets such as American Dental Hygienists’ Association, Colgate, Crest, RDH Magazine, and more.


Jasmin is the dynamic speaker and expert content creator who will rock your stage and connect with your audience through custom presentations that prioritize their transformation and the needs of your event. Whether you are serving thought-leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, or educators – Jasmin is a profound asset for your event.


Today Jasmin shares her transformative message on stages and platforms around the country. Her inclusive message in burnout, becoming legacy-driven, and how to create presentations that reach the HEART have impacted the lives of her audience members and transformed the professionals she has coached to business growth and successful speaking careers.