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How You Can Overcome Challenges And Reach Your Highest Potential

Sep 26, 2023

 As people building our speaking careers while operating businesses, we must understand how to overcome challenges, manage our mental health, and reach our highest potential.

We live in the age of remote work, where our society and companies need to shift to a greater focus on wellness, end the stigmatization of mental health issues, and begin providing resources to aid employees and entrepreneurs in their day-to-day lives and long-term goals.

If you are curious about balancing mental health and a speaking or entrepreneurial career, tune into this inspirational and honest conversation with CEO, speaker, and mental health advocate Arnita R. Craighead as she shares her insight into surviving suicide and mental health issues and achieving your best life and business.

Focus Points: 

  • Why Having Systems In Place Can Help Your Mental Wellness
  • Why Doing It Afraid Is Necessary For Your Success & Growth 
  • How We Can Provide Better Mental Health Services For Ourselves & Employees
  • Vulnerability On Stage And Mental Health Challenges

Arnita R. Craighead is a keynote speaker and CEO of The Motiv8ing Factor. Founded in 2017, The Motiv8ing Factor focuses on mental health wellness, suicide prevention, and survival. Dedicated to empowering others, Arnita delivers messages in an engaging and relatable manner. While the seriousness of the topics she tackles would make most people uncomfortable, Arnita’s candor, sincerity, and understanding help her connect with her audiences and put them at ease. Arnita holds a B.A. in Corporate Communications, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership & Organizational Management, and is a Certified Life Coach. She resides in Frisco, TX.



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