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How To Leverage Your Video Marketing To Skyrocket Your Speaking

Sep 05, 2023

The importance of leveraging video marketing for your speaking, coaching, or training business cannot be overestimated.

Through video, we demonstrate the power of our voices, our presence, and our energy in a tangible way that allows event organizers, clients, and selection committees to see what we offer them and their audiences.

In this episode, video marketing strategist and owner of the video marketing company MK Flav Video, Marvin Flavien, explains how video marketing helps us connect with the people waiting to hear our voice and allows us to impact the world. He explains why video is such a fantastic business tool for first impressions and for showing what the experience of working with you is like. Whether you’re looking to leverage video to gain leads, increase revenue, or fill your coaching programs, video marketing has limitless potential.


Focus Points:

  • Why Business Owners & Speakers Should Start Leveraging Video Today 
  • How Video Allows You To Access The People You Want To Serve 
  • How You Can Shift Your Mindset To Get Comfortable In Front Of The Camera
  • Why You Need To Have A Video Marketing Strategist In Your Corner
  • Why You Need To Show, Not Tell 


Marvin Flavien is the #1 Video Marketing Strategist for Coaches and Industry Leaders. He is the owner of MK Flav Video, a video marketing production company based in New Jersey and is on a mission to help coaches and industry leaders impact the world.



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