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How To Build Freedom Into Your Business

Dec 05, 2023

 As legacy-driven speakers and business owners, we often start down this path because we seek more freedom and joy. Yet sometimes, down the road, we find ourselves further away from that goal than before we left our nine-to-five. 

How can we make the impact we dream of through speaking and generating wealth without working ourselves into the ground?

International Women's Business Coach Kristin Brabant joins host Jasmin Haley for an essential conversation about navigating the challenges and demands of speaking and entrepreneurship while allowing ourselves space to rest and live joyfully without burning ourselves out. If you know your mission is too critical to let yourself sacrifice through overwork, this episode will bring the wisdom on how to do it all while optimizing your health and well-being.

Focus Points:

  • Why You Should Never Sacrifice Your Mission To Overwork
  • How You Can Avoid Burnout While Still Pursuing Your Dream
  • Clarifying & Leveraging Your Zone Of Genius 
  • Aligning Your Biz Strategy & Offers With Your Genius

Kristin Brabant is an International Women's Business Coach with 20 years of experience building businesses and helping women leaders earn more while we rest more. After watching her mother work tirelessly to make ends meet, she's obsessed with ensuring women leaders are both Rich AND Rested by positioning themselves in their Zone of Genius and remodeling their business using her 5D framework. Kristin's coaching and trainings have helped thousands of women accelerate to professional milestones like surpassing the $1M in revenue mark and, equally significantly, keeping the laptop closed after bedtime, creating a 3-Day work week, and prioritizing their well-being first. 



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