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How Self-Publishing A Book Can Skyrocket Your Business

Oct 24, 2023

Why should you consider self-publishing a book, and how can it massively grow your business as a business owner, speaker, and leader? 

Self-publishing a book can bring new levels of visibility and multiple income streams into your business. Yet, many of us underestimate the potential of self-publishing for our speaking or training businesses or are publishing our books and listing them on Amazon without engaging the help of a professional editor. 

Join us this episode for a revealing dialogue with publisher and book coach Tenita Johnson as she dishes on the reality of brand expansion through publishing and learn why you need to be recording your content in all forms and how it can be repurposed in the publishing world. 

Focus Points:

  • Why You Need To Record Your Content 
  • When Should You Consider A Ghostwriter
  • Is Content Still King?
  • Why A Book Will Enhance Your Speaking & Training Brand

Transforming pain into purpose is a gift that authorpreneur, publisher, and book coach Tenita “Bestseller” Johnson gives to everyone she encounters. She is a warrior of words with a fierce passion for guiding authors to expand their brand by showing them how to earn multiple income streams from just ONE book. As the author of 23 books, she is living proof that sharing your story leads to your destiny.  



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