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How Organizing and Knowing Your Numbers Can Multiply Your Revenue Generation

Sep 19, 2023

Many speakers and business owners come into the game from past financial trauma and need help transforming their money mindset and the dread of dealing with their finances. 

Yet, having organized finances that are consistently tracked and using them to guide biz operations is crucial to long-term success. In this episode, money strategist LeeAnza Romera teaches us to shift our mindset around money to a place of support, abundance, and potential. 

Focus Points:

  • Common Misconceptions Biz Owners Have Around Finances
  • Why You Need To Work With A Financial Person Who Understands Your Goals
  • 3 Things To Ask Before Hiring Your Numbers Person
  • Why Looking At Your Numbers Help You In All Areas Of Your Biz

LeeAnza is the Owner of Anchored Financial Management. She is a Money Strategist who helps entrepreneurs manage and track their finances. She also offers support with Money Mindset shifts that result in exponential business growth. LeeAnza believes that women are being called to rise and lead like never before, and entrepreneurs are perfectly positioned to take control of their abundance! She seeks to positively impact women by supporting them so they are confident, brave, and in COMMAND as they work through the messy phases of scaling and growth. 


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