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How Hiring The Right Event Planner Can Catapult Your Next Event

Nov 14, 2023

Sometimes, in speaking, we have to create our own opportunities and build our own spaces at the table. 

We can make this happen by hosting events and hiring skilled event planners to support us, allowing us to avoid common mistakes and reach our goals more quickly. 

Event planners can be the special sauce in our strategy that enables us to succeed. Join us for strategic event planner and creative director of OneTouch Events Jillian Smith's revelatory conversation about finding an event planner who fits your mission and goals and scaling your business through event planning.

Focus Points: 

  • Why Event Planning Will Help Your Events Succeed
  • How To Choose The Right Event Planner
  • Creating An Amazing Event On A Budget
  • How Event Planners Can Help You Find Your Event Level & Avoid Mistakes

Jillian Smith is the owner & creative director behind the award-winning event planning company, OneTouch Events. For every project, from conferences to weddings, her approach comes from a strategic perspective, with a panache of intentional design concepts and, most importantly, an insatiable desire to exceed expectations


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