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How Giving Yourself Permission To Speak Is Your Greatest Gift

Dec 26, 2023


If you are on the path of legacy building through speaking and training, this episode offers a deep dive into what limits us from using our authentic voices and taking up space in our respective industries. 

Join us for a captivating conversation with speech coach and author of Penguin Random House bestseller Permission to Speak, Samara Bay, about the work that needs to be done to stand and speak in your power. 

If you've ever wondered how to reestablish your confidence and integrity through your voice, this episode can show you the steps to get there.

Focus Points:

  • How Situations & Power Dynamics Affect Our Voice & Communication 
  • Why You Might Be Suppressing Your Voice & Who You Are 
  • Why You Are The Only Person Who Can Permit Yourself To Use Your Authentic Voice

Samara Bay is the author of Penguin Random House bestseller PERMISSION TO SPEAK, a revolution in how to think about your voice and everyone else's – out now and available in 15+ countries. She's a Los Angeles-based speech coach whose clients range from candidates for U.S. Congress to C-suite executives, change-making entrepreneurs and thought leaders, international diplomats, Hollywood celebrities, and high school girls. 



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