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How Developing A Strong Sales Strategy Can Add More Sustainable Revenue To Your Business

Sep 05, 2023

Sales can be anxiety-inducing, fear-triggering, and downright hard to stomach, but they are the only route to success and growth in the business world. 

 In this episode, Sales Strategist and CEO Bethanie Nonami drops truth bombs on why sales techniques are essential for us as speakers and business owners and how to get our cash flow to a place of regularity and abundance.

 For every speaker and business owner who has ever asked themselves, am I worthy of asking for this money, and who struggles with sales, listen and learn how to walk through your fear and get a little comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can end the financial stresses around your business. 

Focus Points: 

  • Why Marketing Doesn't Equate To Sales
  • You Are The Best Person To Sell Yourself
  • Building A Basic Sales Strategy
  • Understanding The Problem You Solve For Clients
  • Feedback & Sales Strategy 


Bethanie Nonami helps Women of Color CEOs get sales meetings with qualified buyers without running Facebook Ads, building complicated sales funnels, cyber-stalking people on LinkedIn, or dancing on TikTok. Bethanie believes that cash flow should never be a reason we can't stabilize, grow, or scale our businesses. 

Bethanie's mission is to help create more Women CEO millionaires so they can have the freedom and money to spend time doing what they love with the people, communities, and charities that matter the most. 



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