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How Creating Structure Around Your Podcast Can Amplify Your Stage

Oct 31, 2023

Speaking is about much more than getting on stage and sharing your message.

By showing up in virtual rooms, providing on-demand classes, and especially in the art of podcasting, we can leverage the power of our voice and magnify the impact of our message as speakers. 

In this episode, CEO and podcasting expert Bethany Hawkins shares her immense knowledge of the podcasting world and how to make your podcast vision a reality and a success. She reveals how important it is to resonate with your audience and focus on the connection and conversation piece of podcasting without getting hung up in the technical details.

Focus Points: 

  • Why Podcasting Is A Progressive Journey
  • The Importance Of Reaching Out And Talking To Your Audience 
  • Why You May Need Support With Your Podcast 
  • Structure Is Essential To The Success Of Your Podcast

Bethany Hawkins is the CEO and Founder of Crackers In Soup. Being a black woman who worked in corporate for over 18 years, she knows what it is like not to be heard. So, she decided to create a company that ensures all historically underrepresented voices are heard. Crackers In Soup has worked on over 70 podcasts, from creating cover art to helping women make their podcast vision through launches. She has worked on podcasts that are award nominated and won awards (including her own), podcasts that have 3 million listeners, and one podcast she worked on was featured in a Princeton course. Believing that sharing knowledge is the only way to help us create generational wealth, Bethany is now sharing what she has learned in her decades of business experience and her podcasting expertise in a new mentorship and coaching program for podcast hosts and podcast business owners.



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