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How Building Rest In Your Business Can Scale Your Revenue

Sep 12, 2023

As a purpose-driven and purpose-led speaker and trainer, you want to make an impact, which requires getting visible and marketing yourself. There are hundreds of different marketing strategies with potential, but the ones that will bring you the most success are strongly linked with your alignment. 

Join us for an inspirational episode of the Legacy Speaker™ Show with award-winning business owner, number one bestselling author, marketing solutionist, and thought leader Dr. Shamieka Dean as she shares her brilliant tips for staying authentic to who you are in your business, building rest into your schedule as you scale, and creating a life of freedom and joy while you run your business. 


Focus Points:

  • Aligning Your Personality With Your Marketing Strategy 
  • How Being Out of Alignment Can Hinder Your Growth
  • Why You Need To Get Over The Fear Of Rejection To Succeed
  • Why Rest Is The New Revenue


Dr. Shamieka Dean is an award-winning business owner, #1 best-selling author, marketing solutionist, and thought leader. She's been featured on platforms such as Steve Harvey, TEDX, Thinkific, TubeBuddy, and Zapier. While Dr. Dean is a genius in marketing and business growth strategy, her gift is helping individuals change their belief systems through the power of perspective. She is most passionate about helping people heal by breaking through broken belief systems so that they can live better lives.


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