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Authentic Connection and Courageous Legacy Building

The stage is set, the mic is on, and a room full of eager faces awaits your message. But here at the Legacy Speaker® Network Community, we believe in creating more than just a message; we believe in crafting legacies. Dive deep into a community designed not just for speakers but for visionaries like you, ready to leave an indelible mark in the speaking realm. 

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Why This Network Is Your Game-Changer:


🔥 True Community: This isn't just another networking hub. It's a sanctuary where you connect, share stories, challenges, victories, and grow alongside like-minded speakers who are also on their journey to greatness.

🔥 Exclusive Access: Ever felt the frustration of missing out on a masterclass or event? Say goodbye to FOMO! With our collection of Legacy Scaler® curriculum, you'll have the golden key to a treasure trove of knowledge. And the best part? Every time we add a new virtual event or masterclass, you're already on the list!

🔥 Exclusive Discounts: We love rewarding our community. Enjoy wallet-friendly prices on all Legacy Scaler® events, ensuring you never have to think twice about investing in your growth.

🔥 Deeper Connections: In a world of superficial interactions, discover the power of genuine relationships. Find your next collaboration partner, brainstorm your next big idea, or simply share a coffee chat with someone who gets it.


Your Legacy Learning Suite:

From mastering public speaking to building a six-figure speaking business, our courses are your roadmap to success.

  • Legacy Scaler®: 3 Keys To Leverage Speaking To Grow Your Business
  • Legacy Speaker™ Challenge
    ... and much more!
Join 🛒 Our Speaker Network!

What it includes:

  • Legacy Scaler®: 3 Keys To Leverage Speaking To Grow Your Business

  • Legacy Speaker™ Challenge

  • How To Make $100k In A Quarter And Still Take A Month Off

  • Captivate Your Audience: Mastering Public Speaking Workshop Replay

  • How To Build A Six-Figure Speaking Business

  • How To Land Bigger Stages & Make More Money Speaking

  • Speaker Resource List Of Jasmin's Favorite Things for Live events Speaker

  • One-pager Template for your signature talk

  • And any additional virtual event replay we host! 

It also includes:

  • Private Online Community [Not on FB]

  • Quarterly Community Connection Events

  • Discounts On Legacy Scaler® Live Events

  • Trial Our Content- Upgrade At Any Time Into Our Mentorship or Certification Program. Your current calendar year investment can be applied to the new program.

  • Legacy Speaker™ Tour Ticket Value $450 (Pay in Full option only)

  • Any virtual events that we share publicly, you obtain all replays

  • Any masterclasses that we produce you can join for free and replays are free 


Value Beyond Measure:

What's the price of genuine connections? Of being in a room (even if it's a virtual one) with people who uplift, inspire, and challenge you to be better every day? Our community offers not just tangible courses and discounts but an experience that's truly priceless.


Experience First; Commit Later:

Not sure about our mentorship or speaker certification programs yet? No worries! This community gives you a taste of the magic. When you're ready to level up, your investment here can be applied to our more advanced programs.


Be Part of a Movement:

This isn't just another community. It's a movement. A mission to elevate speakers, to transform the industry, and to create legacies that future generations will talk about. And in this movement, your voice matters.



Ready to Craft Your Legacy?

The journey of a thousand stages begins with a single step. Take yours today. Join the Legacy Speaker® Network Community. Be part of something bigger. Be legendary.

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Meet Jasmin

Jasmin Haley's, MS,  unique career journey, coupled with her distinctive blend of skills and experiences, defines her as an exceptional educator, speaker, and consultant. She has championed roles as a clinician, academic, and professional speaker, cultivating a rich career marked by versatility and profound impact.

In her early career, Jasmin worked closely with underrepresented groups, particularly those living with HIV/AIDs and substance use disorders. Working in the trenches with some of the most vulnerable populations, she developed an unparalleled understanding of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of education.

Her academic pursuits in public health and education saw her reshaping curriculums and enhancing student learning outcomes. This unique background laid the foundation for the creation of The H.E.A.R.T Methodology™, a revolutionary approach that guarantees audience transformation, and The Legacy Scaler® Framework, a growth model that has helped dozens of clients scale their influence and impact.

In 2020, Jasmin evolved her award-winning international speaking business, once focused on healthcare, to cater to an industry-agnostic clientele. She now consults with experts, authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs, equipping them to leverage their voice and narrative powerfully.

Currently, Jasmin offers her expertise to purpose-driven organizations, providing transformative speaking and training programs and designing curriculum that drives real change. Thousands of professionals have benefited from her training programs, underscoring her successful reach and resonant impact.

Today, Jasmin, together with her diverse team, continues to support clients in their quest for effective communication, impacting legacy creation, and organizational success.