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The Legacy Speaker® Mentorship program a 6-month mentorship program that empowers leaders to share their most powerful asset, their voice, on stages in a way that builds relationships and brings in revenue.

As an established expert, professional or thought leader, your voice is already a catalyst for change. 


The Legacy Speaker® Mentorship Program is designed to amplify your influence, empowering you to package your expertise into a scalable offer with speaking & training. Our legacy speakers are capable of  leveraging the power of public speaking for expansive reach and strategic business growth.


The Legacy Speaker® Mentorship Is NOT A Course


Our mentorship is a transformative mentorship community designed for high-achieving thought leaders like you. Here, you'll find the tools, resources, pitching resources and services (Tier 2 selection), and network to turn your speaking engagements into a cornerstone of your professional influence and business success. Step into a world where your expertise isn't just heard—it's sought after!


Comprehensive Support for Your Beginning & Intermediate Speaking Journey:

  • Abundant Opportunities: Receive a curated list of speaking opportunities weekly, opening doors to stages that await your expertise.

  • Strategic Business Growth: Quarterly business strategy planning sessions ensure your speaking engagements align with and propel your business objectives forward.

  • Vibrant Community: Regular community-building events allow you to connect with fellow speakers and trainers, creating opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.

  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy discounted or free tickets to in-person events where you can network, learn, and showcase your thought leadership.

  • Visibility and Exposure: We actively share various speaking opportunities each week within our network, giving you a platform to shine. We often showcase our mentorship community in our public training programs.

  • Support For Pitching: We will pitch your speaking services for 6 months in volume to conferences, corporations, or colleges (Tier 2 Program). 
  • Biweekly Masterminding: Engage with experts and colleagues in biweekly sessions that foster growth, idea exchange, and collective advancement.


Some topics we have covered with our community members and are inside our on-demand speaker portal:

  • Effective lead generation strategies for landing more gigs

  • Brand strategy for speakers

  • Negotiating to close the deal

  • Lead generation from the stage

  • Tech stack for speakers and trainers

  • Leveraging diverse speaking opportunities in corporate, college, or conferences

  • Signature topics

  • Speaking revenue generating business models and more! 


All members will receive (1) 1:1 hour strategic planning call with Coach Jasmin in month 3 of the program to Map Out Your Custom Speaker Strategic Plan!


Each quarter as a community we host quarterly planning sessions to make sure our mentees are on target to reach their speaking & business goals.


Every person who joins will have access to our Legacy Speaker On-Demand Workshop and a library of business & speaker content which also includes: 



Program Value: 

On Demand Speaker Library $5,000

Speaker Contract $500

Group Coaching Calls $7200

Voxer Access To Coach $Priceless

Custom Strategic Plan $1500

Speaker Marketing Templates $1000

Speaker Pricing Calculator for keynotes, workshops, and licensing deals $PRICELESS

Conference Pitching Services [Tier 2 Only] $5500

Full Speaker Positioning & Packaging [Tier 3 Only] $10,000

Quarterly Strategic Planning Meetings $2000

2-Day Legacy Speaker® Intensive Live: $1500

Membership Discounts On Live Events $Priceless


Value: $28,500+ 


Your Investment: 


Tier 1: $3000 in Full or 6 Payments of $600


Tier 2 [Includes 6-months of DFY Speaker Pitching For Associations, Conferences Or Colleges]: $7000 in Full or 6 payments of $1400


Tier 3: Ultimate Positioning & Packaging for Speakers
Investment: $15,000 in Full or 6 Payments of $3,000


Gain everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Legacy Speaker Mentorship program, plus:


  • Simple Speaker Webpage Development: Choose from Squarespace, WordPress, Kajabi, Wix, or Shopify. Includes copy & design for up to 3 pages for your speaker website.
  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK): Get a professionally designed EPK for up to 3 of your signature topics up to 7 pages.
  • 2-Minute Speaker Reel: Collaborate with the #1 video marketing company in North Carolina to record a captivating 2-minute speaker reel.
  • Private 1:1 Calls with Coach Jasmin: Receive personalized 1:1 support monthly

This comprehensive package provides the ultimate positioning and packaging for speakers, ensuring you stand out in the competitive speaking industry.




Jasmine Started A New Brand, Leveraged her expertise with speaking & Closed Her 1st 4-figure contract for her training services


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Our Guarantee: We're fully committed to your success and stand behind the quality of our pitching services. If you diligently respond to messages, show up for your calls, and fulfill your part of the agreement, yet still do not receive any positive responses or booking opportunities within the first 6 months, we pledge to continue our specialized pitching efforts at no extra cost until you do. We are deeply invested in your breakthrough on the stage, ensuring that each partner’s concerted effort translates into tangible speaking opportunities.

Client Wins



Thought leadership and speaking thrive on connection and collaboration. The Legacy Speaker® Mentorship Program embraces this principle, providing an environment where relationships are forged, strategies are honed, and your speaking career flourishes. This is a space where isolation is replaced with inspiration, and your voice becomes part of a powerful chorus of change-makers.


Chyrsta, Expert Professional Speaker That Refined Her Frameworks, Landed Speaking Gigs Outside of Corporate, Keynotes Refined &  Created, 1:Many Membership Program Created From Framework


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Meet Our Founder Jasmin


Jasmin Haley's, MS,  unique career journey, coupled with her distinctive blend of skills and experiences, defines her as an exceptional educator, speaker, and consultant. She has championed roles as a clinician, academic, and professional speaker, cultivating a rich career marked by versatility and profound impact.

In her early career, Jasmin worked closely with underrepresented groups, particularly those living with HIV/AIDs and substance use disorders. Working in the trenches with some of the most vulnerable populations, she developed an unparalleled understanding of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of education.

Her academic pursuits in public health and education saw her reshaping curriculums and enhancing student learning outcomes. This unique background laid the foundation for the creation of The H.E.A.R.T Methodology™, a revolutionary approach that guarantees audience transformation, and The Legacy Scaler® Framework, a growth model that has helped dozens of clients scale their influence and impact.

In 2020, Jasmin evolved her award-winning international speaking business, once focused on healthcare, to cater to an industry-agnostic clientele. She now consults with experts, authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs, equipping them to leverage their voice and narrative powerfully.

Currently, Jasmin offers her expertise to purpose-driven organizations, providing transformative speaking and training programs and designing curriculum that drives real change. Thousands of professionals have benefited from her training programs, underscoring her successful reach and resonant impact.

Today, Jasmin, together with her diverse team, continues to support clients in their quest for effective communication, impacting legacy creation, and organizational success.