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Sharing Social Proof Is Critical In Getting The Sale

Social proof. Reviews. Testimonials. Likes. Followers.


These are an inseparable part of being a digitally connected business. They can also seem overwhelming when you’re trying to climb to the top of your niche. But with markets saturated with choices you need to gather proof to show clients you are worthy of their time. 


At times we may struggle to capture the social proofs we need, especially as female entrepreneurs. We may have difficulty announcing that we are the bomb while less qualified men are out there flexing and saying x, y, and z to get the sale. 


This is an inner limitation we need to break through as female business owners.


According to psychological patterns of purchasing and selling, a relationship needs to be built between brand and client. This is especially true for women selling to women. The relationships you cultivate are the cornerstone of your business. And you need to understand how you are showing that what you do...

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