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Strength of Community: Leveraging Social Media Without Compromising Your Sanity with Joanne Wetzel

Learn how Pinterest might be the secret weapon your business has been waiting for.  Our guest is Joanne Wetzel, a Pinterest marketer and digital marketing girl behind Pin Savvy Co. Her company helps brands, businesses and bloggers harness the SEO power of Pinterest.  She believes Pinterest is a hugely undervalued way for businesses to build incredible online communities!

Joanne built a community for female entrepreneurs that supports holistic success. Joanne shares her own journey of entrepreneurial burnout in this episode. This episode is packed with gems that any emerging entrepreneur can utilize for overall success. 

Topics we cover: 

  • Why Pinterest is a great way to market your business
  • How to manage life as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between Pinterest and other social sites
  • Why building a business that relies on social is difficult
  • Why building an online support network is  important

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the...

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Success Simplified: Confident Clarity Is Possible and Essential In Business with Nina Obier

Lack of clarity can lead you down the deep rabbit hole of uncertainty, overwhelm, and the dreaded analysis paralysis. Entrepreneurs need to ferociously protect their clarity and peace once it’s gained. Nina Obier’s specialty and gift to the world is providing her clients just that.

Nina is an inspirational speaker and clarity coach that has helped to impact thousands of people each year. Her mission is to provide action-oriented tools and strategies so that her audiences and her clients can lead a life of harmony, seamlessly balancing the challenges of business and life at home. This episode is a must-listen if you are seeking peace and clarity in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Topics we cover: 

  • The importance of mindset training
  • Be green and growing not brown and dying
  • Why so many people feel overwhelmed
  • The importance of loving yourself
  • Learning the art of simplicity

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the opinions of our podcast or...

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Breakthrough To Excellence: The Birth Of My Queendom

Today we dive into who I am, my journey and why am I creating my third podcast.  As a coach and entrepreneurial strategist, I often have to look at and use the same principles I'm teaching my own clients. 

My goal is to help you create successful and profitable businesses. Breakthrough to Excellence is going to help you break through negative mindsets, fear, and overwhelm. It's also going to showcase other successful women and their own entrepreneurial journeys. This podcast will support you in your own entrepreneurial growth! Welcome!


Topics we cover: 

  • Jasmin introduces herself
  • Her career as a dental hygienist
  • Why she needed to escape a toxic situation
  • Why she had to start her own business
  • The lessons she learned about herself along the way
  • Why she wants to share those lessons with others
  • Why the Breakthrough to Excellence podcast is so important
  • How to break through your mental blocks
  • The role successful women will have in this podcast

Disclaimer: The...

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