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Stop Being Messy In Business And Organize Your Community In A CRM

automated systems ceo mindset customer relationship management email marketing key performance indicators organization Nov 04, 2020

There is a huge difference between having a side hustle and being a true CEO. To bring authenticity and evolution to your business, you'll have to bring your A-game in all aspects. Ignoring any part of your business organization can spell disaster for growth. The most significant noticeable factor that differentiates a real CEO from the part-time entrepreneur is Customer Relationship Management.


You can be exceptional in business and as brilliant as can be and still not have proper management for your customer relationships. Without centralization of your client communication, the evolution of your business will stall, and getting things back on track could take a lot of rearranging — time that could be spent better elsewhere.


Systems, processes, and KPIs are non-negotiable aspects of scaling. After all, if you want to be the CEO of your business, you'll have to get into the full mindset and mentality. Pull-on that boss-lady hat and delegate communications to new hires, drive profits with the team under you and push forth a level of productivity that can only be seen with the proper organization.


What is CRM?


A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management platform, is a program designed to put your customers and clients all in one place. The system eliminates the need to comb through emails to find one particular client and keeps them all nicely organized in one place.


It's also a massive help in driving sales because it's not just a handy place to store contact information. It takes the guesswork out of customer communication and can effectively provide guidance and support from all aspects. 


If one member of your team is handling communication with a particular client and a special note gets lost in their inbox, it's gone, and no one can access it. With CRM, all members have access to stored data that tracks all interactions, keeps contact information on the ready, and keeps track of every client's history within your business. 


It is also a huge time saver when it comes to making and tracking sales. Free up those administrative tasks such as manual data entry, and focus on what really matters. By helping you build a standardized sales process, the CRM will allow you to improve sales, predict future sales, and train new team members quickly and more efficiently. 


Why You Need A CRM For Email Marketing


Email marketing is huge—sometimes even more so than social media marketing. It allows you to communicate and keep in touch with existing customers. Research has shown that keeping existing customers happy is much more critical for your bottom line than continuously recruiting new ones.


The centralization of clients gives you better access to your customer list. When everyone on your growing team has better access, it's easier to delegate specific tasks to certain people. Being the CEO of a successful and evolving business can be challenging, and not being able to divvy up assignments will only leave you feeling disorganized. In the end, your business will suffer, and so might your well-being! Entrepreneurial burnout is a real thing, and if you're too overwhelmed because you don't have an automated system set up, you'll be spread too thin to keep building your business successfully.


Your CRM will also allow you to take a good hard look at how your marketing efforts are working—or not working—which will help you achieve a level of direction when it comes to making the boss' decision to change the way you're doing things or stay on the same course. 


When it comes to existing clients, they tend to like to know that they're more than just a dollar sign. That's where the CRM comes in! It helps to keep that authentic connection between yourself, and your client list by allowing you to stay in contact with your community. Being true to you is essential when it comes to connecting with your customers, and you'll want that authenticity to show through in your marketing, by trusting your gut on when to push for sales and knowing when to slow down for the sake of genuine and authentic connection. You want to improve on your customer's experience continuously, and a CRM can help you do that. 


Making clients feel comfortable dealing with your business is one sure-fire way to keep them coming back for more. 


Step Into Your CEO Mindset


You probably took the giant leap of faith when you decided to start your own business. You trusted your intuition and put yourself on the line in the name of your entrepreneurial success. We don't get into business to fail and remembering your big "why" will remind you of all the reasons you started in the first place. 


Maybe you wanted to step out of the 9-5 drudgery, focus and care for your family, or you just had a really great idea and the brains to back it up — whatever your reason, it's essential to keep it and the growth and evolution of your business in mind. Forgetting could risk the future of your business, and if you're going to be a CEO, you'll have to have that CEO mentality.


On my entrepreneurial journey, I use the program ConvertKit. This antiracist organization was built to lift up entrepreneurs so that they could grow their business easily and without regret. The service is free if you have less than 500 subscribers, so if you're just starting out, it can help you manage your client relationships all while saving you money! 


The software allows you to create landing pages, collect emails, and sell products — all within the one program. The ease of using ConvertKit is one of its best features, and the best part is that emails from the program come off the same as an email from a friend would. Sign up here to start using this business-changing tool today.


The Bottom Line On CRM


If you're planning on being an authentic CEO, then you'll need a CRM system to help you evolve with the growth of your business and stay organized. Organization is key, trusting your gut can only get you so far if you're not doing all the admin stuff correctly.


Stop winging it and let's get your business together! I can help you create a foolproof strategy so that you can start earning more, growing more, and realizing your dream once and for all. Need extra help? Schedule a call with me today by filling out this form. 


Let's do this, ladies! 


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