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Perfecting Your Pitch To Land Speaking Gigs

Mar 07, 2023


Every speaker, from the beginner to the experienced, must know how to craft a pitch that catches the attention of event organizers and lands the stages they seek.

In this episode, Marketing Educator Aurora Gregory shares her extensive experience working with global brands in the communication industry to enlighten speakers on what is necessary for them to start crafting pitches that consistently get them the gig. 

Aurora breaks down common speaking & pitching myths that may be holding you back from getting booked and clarifies the foundational elements needed to perfect your pitch.  

Focus Points: 

  • Common Speaking & Pitching Myths
  • Why Knowing Your Audience Is Critical To Successful Pitching
  • How You Can Reach The Referral Point
  • How To Handle A Speaking Topic Pivot

Aurora Gregory is a Speaker, Business Motivator & Marketing Educator for Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Authors, and Co-Author of the Amazon Public Speaking Best-Seller "Get Picked: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Creating An Irresistible Speaker Proposal."

As an eighth grader, Aurora was a finalist in a speech contest. She didn't win, but it started her communications career. Global brands work with her to get their message right and create programs that deliver results. She has led corporate speaker's bureau programs and placed hundreds of speakers at local, national, and international conferences. She's passionate about coaching entrepreneurs on pitching stages so they can build meaningful connections and grow their businesses. When she's not talking, you'll find her hiking the foothills in her hometown or on the sofa watching classic movies.


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