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Mastering Your Story For Your Speaking Gig

Apr 04, 2023

 Mastering storytelling and leveraging your story is fundamental to succeeding as a professional speaker.

Only when you skillfully harness storytelling to reach the hearts of your audience can you build authentic relationships with them and position your brand in the minds of event organizers. Join us for this insightful episode with executive coach, speaking coach, and TEDx speaker Shereese Floyd as she clarifies how to harness the power of your story so you can get visible and achieve your speaking goals. 

From the challenges every speaker faces at the beginning of their journey to using life markers to mine your path for potential stories, Shereese drops wisdom you don’t want to miss! 

Focus Points: 

  • 2 biggest challenges for speakers & storytelling
  • Using the arc of storytelling to create a psychologically safe environment for audiences
  • Using defining moments from your life to understand your story
  • Why intention & preparation are the keys to speaking success

Shereese Floyd is an executive coach, marketing consultant, and owner of Witness My Life, a firm that partners with corporations and universities to create and implement women’s leadership programs. Shereese specializes in personal and professional development with initiatives ranging from team building, culture, organizational design, and facilitation. Shereese works with professional women to build and grow their influence by raising their voices and telling their stories so they are impossible to ignore.

Shereese has developed and delivered workshops and keynotes for companies, nonprofits, and associations worldwide. Shereese is also a speaking coach for aspiring TEDx speakers.



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