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Elevating Your Speaking With TEDx

Mar 14, 2023

 Have you ever thought about doing a TEDx?

If you have an idea worth spreading and you've considered sharing your message through TEDx, this episode drops all the insight you need on astronomically boosting your visibility as a speaker through this amazing forum. 

Visibility consultant and previous lead organizer for TEDx Erin Neuhardt shares her insights on how TEDx can elevate speaking brands and maximize their exposure. TEDx is one of the ultimate visibility options for speakers able to express their world changing message in a short format talk.

Focus Points: 

  • Why You Should Consider TEDx As a Speaker
  • What Is Most Important about TEDx For Speakers 
  • TEDx Format Versus Workshops Or Keynotes
  • Why You May Need A TEDx Speaking Coach
  • Being Prepared For High Visibility In Your Business

Erin Neuhardt is a visibility consultant, speaker, and teacher passionate about working with individuals with a message to share with the world. She helps emerging world changers bend time to face their greatest limiting beliefs and move from being stuck and not being seen to showing up and owning their impact. 

Erin was involved with Tedx for four years and two of those years as a lead organizer. She believes that any visibility tactic CAN work and that there are ideal ways for us to show up and be visible. Erin's Soul Aligned Visibility™ Workshop helps attendees find their most aligned ways of being visible through Human Design and the Gene Keys.


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