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Over 20,000 attendees transformed with our public health, leadership, and communication methodologies...

Speaking Is Just the Start — Let's Build Your Platform

1:1 Executive Coaching

Collaborate with us to construct speaking programs that resonate and generate revenue with impact.

Group Training Programs

Forge connections and community, strengthening your business vision.

Done-For-You  Speaker Services

Our team crafts your LIVE speaking & training programs, tailored to your message and mission. Or we take the helm in increasing your visibility, directly connecting or booking you with decision-makers & stages, and positioning you in the spotlight where you belong.


They are the thought leaders — visionaries who transcend speaking and become architects of change. Our proven frameworks embody this transformation, and we are here to elevate you to that pinnacle.

Craft your narrative and executive presence with us. Develop your signature speaking program or prepare for your next board room meeting, learn to communicate ideas that ignite change, and establish yourself as a leader in your field.  Our clients have graced stages, received promotions, grown proprietary curricula and left indelible marks, moving beyond speakers to thought leaders:

More Than Communication— A Movement Maker

You hold a power that can challenge paradigms and inspire generational shifts. Learn to harness it, and in the process, discover an income stream that rewards you richly for enriching others. Speaking is your gateway to growth — of influence, of income, of indelible impact.

Embark On Your Journey To Thought Leadership

This is your moment to sculpt a legacy that speaks volumes. Create your signature keynote, design compelling courses, and craft workshops that don’t just educate but transform.

It's time to monetize your expertise. It's time to align your business with your mission. It's time to choose the impact you will have and get compensated for the value you create.

Let's unlock the power of your voice together.

Hear From Those Who've Embraced Their Thought Leadership Legacy

Kari Carter-Cherelus

"...Jasmin gave me the blueprint to be successful along with the strategy, support, and accountability to make sure I succeed. I couldn't have done it without her.”

Read Kari's Case Study

Anashay Wright

"...Now, instead of dreaming about getting paid well to speak I know exactly how to grow my income through speaking. The strategy and the clarity I’ve received through working with her are priceless."

Read Anashay's Case Study
"I am delighted to provide a heartfelt testimonial for Jasmin Haley, my outstanding speaking coach for Jordan Gill’s Make Your Mark™ Live event. In the months leading up to the event, Jasmin was instrumental in my journey to delivering a dynamic and confident 8min TED-style talk that captured the audience’s attention. Her enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and exceptional listening skills made a remarkable difference in the development of my talk, through its multiple iterations.
Jasmin’s unwavering enthusiasm for speaking and constructive, actionable feedback made our sessions both productive and enjoyable. I was nervous about speaking about grief at a business event, and her encouragement was so appreciated. Jasmin didn't just coach; she connected with me on a human, personal level, especially as we’ve both had the experience of losing our beloved mothers.
I wholeheartedly recommend Jasmin Haley to anyone looking to transform their speaking abilities and gain confidence in their public presentations. If you’re looking to speak as a way of creating a legacy as well as boosting your business, Jasmin is uniquely suited to help you get there!"
- Charlene Lam, Speaker, Grief Coach & Founder of The Grief Gallery

Our clients have had their signature speaking programs programs accepted at:

Resources For Thought Leaders

From the Stage to the Stratosphere — Your Legacy Awaits

Dive into our FREE Profitable Speaker Roadmap and discover the blueprint to amplify your voice and maximize your message.


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Dive into our FREE Impactful Presentation Openings and discover powerful ways to open your next speaking gig. 


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Dive into our framework and learn how to grow 6-figures of income with speaking 


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Gain insights to help grow your thought leadership. 

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Meet Jasmin Haley — Your Guide To Thought Leadership

Award-Winning International Speaker, Speaking Consultant,  Curriculum Design Expert & Business Strategist

Faced with burnout, Jasmin stepped away from her conventional role to carve out a space where her voice could echo across industries. Now, with over 20,000 lives transformed, she stands as a testament to the power of authentic expression. As your speaking & leadership development consultant, Legacy Scaler® is positioned to help you distill your expertise into impactful speaking & training
programs, defining your unique frameworks,and enriching your business with aligned
speaking engagements.


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