Episode 14: Create An Evergreen Course For Your Speaking Content with Jessica Rodriguez

Season #1

We need to look beyond the stage to build recurring income in our speaking businesses. 

How can we leverage our IP and content in creative ways to generate income? Freedom Driven Success founder Jessica Rodriguez discusses achieving freedom and sustainable success by creating evergreen courses. If you’re a speaker or entrepreneur who needs to find a way to leverage your content and create space in your life, you will find everything you need in this episode. 


Focus Points: 

  • Why building a course can exponentially increase your revenue
  • Steps you can take to prepare your content for a course
  • How to build freedom into your life & still make income
  • Why you need to serve the most pressing need of your audiences


As the CEO of Freedom Driven Success, Jessica Rodriguez is on an unapologetic mission to help online businesses expand beyond a 1:1 client reliant business model with scalable offers to reclaim the freedom they originally started their business to have. 

When not talking all things business, you can find Jessica making inappropriate jokes with her hubby, trying (and failing) to keep their two cats from taking over the house, curled up on the couch binging Netflix, or traveling to experience whatever next adventure life brings.


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