Episode 9: You are Credible: Believe in Yourself, Have Confidence, and Take A Risk with Ellie Naderi, RDH

Season #1 Episode #9

Meet Ellie Naderi, RDH!  She is a powerhouse leader in a DSO organization. Currently, she is the Senior Vice President of Dental Hygiene Operations and has held roles as an educator, in corporate sales, and in business management leadership.


Jasmin enjoyed learning about her journey. The key takeaway from this interview: You are credible and you must believe in yourself, have confidence, and take risks. Ellie emphasized that you can develop the business acumen you need over time to fulfill your goals. Learn how this has helped Ellie in her professional journey and why it has brought her career satisfaction. 


Thank you for being on the show! 


Topics we discuss:

  • How Ellie became a dental hygienist
  • Childhood experience with Dentistry
  • Experience as a dental hygiene student
  • How her table clinic presentation made an impact in her career
  • Think outside of the box
  • Working with a reputable Pharma company
  • Finding an opportunity in corporate sales
  • Taking a leap a faith to transition out of clinical practice
  • Your clinical skills can be an asset to your role in business
  • Go back to the basics of how you learned in school. It will never fail you.
  • What is a DSO?
  • Why is a DSO a great option for RDHs that think beyond the prophy
  • Knowing clinical practice and business management is invaluable
  • Hiring your replacement and fostering growth in your professional career
  • How to choose the right DSO
  • Typical day being the SVP of Dental Hygiene Operations
  • Preparing your mindset and keeping joy to prepare yourself for new roles
  • Transitioning roles while prioritizing your family needs
  • Best Career Advice
  • Contact her for opportunities!


Link to her LinkedIn account: Click HERE


Featured book:

The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posnerer


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