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Every day the world loses innovative inventions, new businesses, books, ideas, and world-changing contributions because of fear. Many don’t overcome their fear because they haven’t completed the work to breakthrough their own limiting beliefs to reach their level of excellence. To truly breakthrough to excellence™, not just as entrepreneurs, but as women. we need to courageously show up and play the game. Not as we think anyone else wants us to be, but as we truly are. 


Jasmin Haley, Founder of the Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network,  a company that coaches women who want to overcome their fear, get their business organized and scale to six-figures or more, has pushed past her own fears & traumas to be the woman who you see here today.


This book will guide the reader through the initial stages of overcoming self-doubt, fear, and acquiring professional prosperity. In this book, you will take a dive through research, science, and real-life stories of women who courageously push past the fear to conquer their goals.  We will examine ways to break out of stagnation by creating an environment to shift into dynamic action. 


Inside you will learn:

  • The cost of allowing fear to take the driver's seat in your life and business
  • Why your mindset is seismically important and how to alter it to fully believe in yourself
  • How to identify your unique strengths and purpose to take massive action 
  • The science behind negative thinking and how it contributes to decision making
  • How to set your intention to conquer your goals in life or in business
  • Why removing toxicity in your life and business is crucial to you reaching your breakthrough
  • Strategies to build your confidence, trust yourself, and face your fears head on to fully live your life with joy and abundance


Now’s the time to be bold, stake your claim on your purpose, and dare to live your life with joy!

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"You are absolutely capable of finding your path and climbing that mountain!" - Jasmin Haley

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"It is never too late to set out on a quest for personal and professional transformation. In fact, no step you've taken has ever led you wrong because what may have seemed like missteps led you here."- Jasmin Haley

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Jessica Rodriguez, CEO of Freedom Driven Success

We all have untapped potential and power within us and this book makes it clear that Jasmin is on a mission to bring it out of us! From learning about her own journey to clear steps on what we can do to get out of our own way and create a legacy we're proud of, Jasmin holds nothing back. If you're looking to ditch the burnout and create the kind of shift that changes your life for the better, you're going to want to read this book!

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Naketa Ren Thigpen, CEO of Thig Pro, #1 Balance & Relationship Advisor In The World 

"I was miserable and my family was suffering"- one of the sentences from Jasmin Haley's book, Breakthrough to Excellence™ that jumped off the page and took me back to that place that I personally remembered all to well. From that sentence forward I was glued to every word printed in each page of what I have concluded is a blueprint for escaping the worst parts of yourself. Jasmin weaves her educational prowess, professional background, entrepreneurial and life experiences into a tapestry of stories littered with research and testimonials that's hard to refute. From workplace burnout, toxic relationships, to dominating her own limiting beliefs (that so many of us can relate to), Breakthrough to Excellence™, is full of descriptive and captivating visuals that connect the reader, not just to Jasmin's story, but to each other, putting each one on a path to conquer themselves. My favorite takeaway from this powerful blueprint hidden in narrative, never underestimate the potential of a woman who's chosen to breakthrough to excellence™...”

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Jasmine Smith, CEO of Versa Solutions Inc. 

If you would like to see and read an educated entrepreneur speak her truth and hide nothing in the process, this is your book. This book is raw, sincere, and very inspirational. It made me take a look in the mirror and decide how I'm going to continue in my business and life. My favorite line was, "It's never too late to set out on a quest for personal and professional transformation. In fact, no step you've taken has ever led you wrong because what may have seemed like missteps led you here."


I totally read this book is Jasmin's voice. "Yes, honey!" I love reading this book can make you feel as if she is talking with you and a glass of wine and having a necessary 1 to 1. Then, can also get technical and hit you with the hard facts that you NEED to see.

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Meet Jasmin

Jasmin is a highly sought after biz strategist and entrepreneurial coach, award-winning national speaker, pro educator, and podcaster.


Today she is a fierce woman breaking barriers and elevating entrepreneurial women, but eight years ago this vibrant woman didn’t exist. Her passion and brilliance were dimmed to a flicker because she was underestimating her gifts and living a life of fear. Her unwillingness to learn who she was, her choice to be a people pleaser, and allow her voice to be silenced led her to live a life overflowing with chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. 


Jasmin blazed a path to success by building a six-figure business, founding three podcasts, and creating her powerful business membership network for entrepreneurial women, The Breakthrough to Excellence™Network. Jasmin helps entrepreneurial women step into their CEO role to build their confidence, get their entire business together, and scale their enterprise to 6-figures and more. She empowers women to overcome burnout, fear, and self-doubt to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. She can be reached at