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Developing Your “Whole-istic” Approach to Business


When we think about our business strategy it’s easy to get caught up in a vision of success where there is no room for personal fulfillment. But it is our life outside of work that balances us as we strive for excellence. When we forget that our professional world and personal lives are an intricate whole, there is a high chance we could become overwhelmed and burnout. 


I want to touch on the elements we need to develop so we can take a “whole-istic” approach to our businesses. As emerging entrepreneurs, it is so important for us to include our career goals AND the practices that replenish us in our business strategies. 


As human beings, we do not exist in isolation but are part of families, peer networks, and complex societies. We need to integrate our wellness, social connections, and self-care with our business ambitions because no entrepreneur wants to create a flourishing business and later find they have no energy and no one to...

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