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You Down With S.O.P.? Yeah, You Know me!


So you have a million-dollar business idea or you are trying to make more of your current hustle. It doesn't matter why you are shaking things up in your industry; it's the how you need to sort. To slay the competition, you gotta slay your organizational processes. 


Where do I even begin, Jas? By using standard operating procedures (SOPs), of course! 


A good SOP is the heartbeat of any organization. It helps to keep everything crystal clear and guide you, employees, or contractors, as you navigate the entrepreneurial world. 


You want to make money, right? You want to grow your company and bring in the bags, but you can't get there without planning. Let me tell you, girl; it's impossible without a business strategy, systems, processes, and business automation.


To go from $0 to hero, you need help. Develop a little SOP sidekick to help you scale with less pain. Without one, you will quickly learn how challenging it is to hire and train...

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