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Make Your Mark On The World: Building Brand Authority In Your Business [Bonus Training] with Jasmin Haley

It’s time for you to make your mark in the world.  That’s a decision that every business owner has to believe in if they want to succeed.  We are bogged down with so many things that we forget to focus on branding.  It becomes so crazy sometimes, right?  In this episode you’ll learn the simple steps to promoting yourself properly  It boils down to one simple thing.  Consistency.  You have to be consistent with all aspects of your marketing and social media.  This episode will show you how.  


Topics we cover: 


  • Understanding your “brand voice”
  • Creating your customer avatar
  • How to be your authentic self
  • Getting the naysayers out of your head
  • Creating a social media schedule for yourself

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the opinions of our podcast or our sponsors.


Episode Sponsor:

Jasmin Haley DBA Beyond the Prophy LLC

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