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Lean On Me: 3 Ways You Know You Are Ready To Hire In Your Business

When you're doing your lady boss thang, successfully operating your own business, there comes a moment when you're ready to expand your productivity and hire an employee to help you achieve those goals. Girl, this is a powerful and sometimes scary moment that all prosperous businesses must navigate. This step needs careful consideration because it can make or break your enterprise's revenue stream. 

So How Do You Know You're Really Ready To Hire? Make sure you can check these three boxes before you make your first hire. 


Liquid And Ready To Roll

Winning as an entrepreneur means knowing your business's financials inside and out. Operations must remain profitable and expenses manageable with any addition of your new hire. You gotta get your girl scout on and be prepared for anything. Have a steady, liquid financial base ready in case of any emergency or unforeseen expenses and maybe keep some thin mint cookies as back-up!


One rule of thumb is to have...

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