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Your Email List Are Not Mind Readers: 3 List Building Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business



In the last post, we discussed how to cultivate a thriving community and how to develop this group into a collective that will follow your brand for years to come. 


So to build this connected community, where do you find the right members? 


And, how do you build an email list that will cultivate the right population? 


Today we will cover the critical steps that allowed me to grow my email list into the flourishing community it is today. I discovered these fundamentals while building my speaking and coaching career. Today I want to offer them up to you as you pursue your entrepreneurial vision!


Finding Your Community Members


The first step to create a killer community is finding the individuals who are the right fit for your product and brand. To locate the right people, you need to understand who you are truly serving in your business — a key element of forming any business strategy.  


Do you have...

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