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Mothers Run A Household And Can Certainly Run Successful Businesses with Patrice Henry

Running a business while being a mother can be incredibly challenging. Balancing all of the to-do lists, making sure your children are taken care of and your clients are happy can feel like an impossible task. But it’s not, and Patrice Henry is here to explain why. 

Patrice is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Business Coach who specializes in helping emerging mompreneurs achieve financial freedom by starting an online service-based business. Patrice launched her coaching business in 2019 with a mission to empower and inspire mothers to build a legacy and create generational wealth.

Topics we cover:


  • Why shifting your money mindset is incredibly important
  • How to set a great example for your kids while you run your business 
  • The unique parts of being a mother that can make you a great entrepreneur 
  • Dealing with postpartum issues as moms 
  • Why we need to talk more openly about specific issues relating to parenthood and business


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