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Body Image, Finding Yourself, and Growing Your Business with McKenna Montcalm

Staying in shape while running a business and being a mom can be challenging. Prioritizing health while navigating all of the responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur and managing your home can feel overwhelming, and diet culture doesn’t help. 


In this episode, we’re talking to McKenna Montcalm,  a certified personal trainer, fitness professional, and nutrition coach who over the last 10 years has helped thousands of women break through what’s holding them back so they can start living their BEST LIVES.


Topics we cover: 


  • How our relationship to dieting can be passed down to our children through our language
  • The connection between exercise and mental health 
  • How early in our lives body image issues really start
  • Recognizing the signs of burnout and how to counteract it 
  • Why embracing your current circumstances is the best way to start making moves towards real change 
  • The things you may not be thinking...
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