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Queen, You Bettah Automate Or You Will Decimate

Automation and creating systems saved my business. And it never stops, I’m heading into year five, and it’s still as important as ever. 


If you’re an entrepreneur like me, or you are responsible for running a business, you’ll want to pay close attention. The sad reality is that almost half of new companies fail in the first five years.  


This is mostly due to lack of funding, flexibility to adapt to the market and customer needs, and one of my favorites, planning. Let’s make sure you don’t become another dismal statistic.


Why Should I Have Systems?


Do you find yourself running by the clock? We all have exactly the same amount of hours every day. How do you spend yours? 


If you are an emerging entrepreneur, time is something you must get right. Time is money, and if you don’t invest in strategies to save time, be ready for your money to disappear pretty quickly. 


So, if you...

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