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Speaking is a Marketing Tool

Apr 15, 2022


Speaking is a powerful marketing tool.  

It isn’t something you wait to use until you write a book…have a large following…are an influencer…feel everything is perfect…have more confidence.

You should leverage speaking NOW to amplify your brand and build your legacy.

When I started my first business, I had time & my voice but no capital, so I put my voice to work.

Through sharing my voice, my business and brand became undeniable.

It got my name spoken in rooms when I wasn’t present, landed me sponsorship deals, 4-5 figure speaking checks, and had a massive impact on the communities I served.

I started when I heard the call and didn’t wait for permission from anyone.

Do you find yourself waiting for someone’s permission? 

Are you waiting for a perfect moment? 

Are you tired of being on the sidelines?


I’m a master at constructing signature talks that reach audiences' hearts and helping speakers strengthen their business foundations so they can leverage their voices & expand their bank accounts. 

I’m here when you are ready to create your legacy through the stage.

Until then, enjoy The Legacy Speaker™ Show, where we help you build confidence in your speaking and strengthen your business strategy with guest experts who share their expertise so you can thrive.


Jasmin Haley is an award winning speaker, author, podcaster, consultant, and creator of the H.E.A.R.T Methodology™. She helps business owners, ambitious professionals, and speakers build sustainable speaking businesses, grow their brand reach, and amplify their impact from the stage.



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