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Setting Your Profitable Speaking Price Strategy with Giovanna Bier

Jul 01, 2022


Determining your pricing strategy for speaking can be overwhelming, but it is a powerful aspect of long-term success.

If you’ve ever been confused about how to price your services, tune in for this enlightening episode with Money Coach and Profit First™ Strategist Giovanna Bier as she shares her insights about aligning your pricing with your speaking business. When you share your message and IP, you need to ensure that you are getting paid your worth, especially if organizers are recording or reusing your content. 


Focus Points: 

  • Why alignment should be a part of your pricing strategy
  • How mindset affects your relationship with pricing 
  • Including your IP in your pricing strategy
  • How to shift your unconscious money beliefs  


Giovanna Bier is the founder of My Cats And Me Profit Alignment, where she helps entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable businesses that support their lifestyles. She helps entrepreneurs drop money beliefs that hold them back from reaching the next level with their businesses. Her framework - CATNIP - focuses on Mindset, Pricing Strategy, and Money Systems as the foundation for a successful business.


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