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Season 4 of The Legacy Speaker® Show Is Back!

legacyspeakershow season4 Jun 04, 2024

We're back!!!!

The Legacy Speaker® Show the official podcast of Legacy Scaler is back! 

And we are hitting our Season 4 debut with back-to-back excellence featuring amazing speakers, trainers, and experts! 

We are kickstarting our season at the Association Executives of North Carolina 142nd Annual Trade Show. 

I decided to reconnect with my podcast roots that began back in 2016, and one of my favorite adventures is taking my podcast on the road. 

So, I dusted off my equipment and had the pleasure of interviewing some truly remarkable leaders. 

Here's what we've got lined up for you:

🎤 Episode 48: Build An Iconic Brand with Calvin Stovall
🎤 Episode 49: Rewards & Gifting Services with Lisa Higginbotham, CRM
🎤 Episode 50: Clarity is King with Theresa Bassett
🎤 Episode 51: Everything Speaks For Your Brand: Elite Tips For Professional Speakers with Stan Phelps, CSP® 
🎤 Episode 52: The Importance Of Connection With Others with Ruby Brown-Herring
🎤 Episode 54: Intergenerational Communication & Pivoting Into Professional Speaking with Peter Agiovlassitis
🎤 Episode 55: Using The Sport Of Cheer To Grow Your Leadership with Stefanie Adams, M.Ed.

If you're a thought leader, speaker or trainer, there are countless gems waiting for you in these episodes. Don't miss out! 🌟

Click here to listen to their episodes and enjoy:


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