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Mastering Your Money Mindset While Growing Your Speaking Business

Feb 14, 2023

Every speaker & entrepreneur who wants to succeed & scale their business needs to master their money mindset. Yet, for so many of us, our relationship with money can be fraught with unresolved trauma, outdated beliefs, and generational cycles of lack. 

Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Therapist, and Moneyologist Melisa Alaba explores how we can develop our money mindsets and heal old financial traumas to shift our relationship to money and achieve big financial goals as speakers. She shares her insights on the impacts of ancestry & epigenetics and why you are a powerful asset in this empowering episode.

Melissa is the guide you want to consult if you want to find your money blueprint! 

Focus Points:

  • How money mindsets are inherited from ancestors & dominant cultures
  • How unresolved trauma around money affects our businesses
  • Why you have to actually do the work to grow your business 
  • Why speaking is the best way to gain visibility for your brand 


Melisa Alaba is a Breakthrough Coach, Therapist, Moneyologist, Author, the CEO of Vision Works Coaching and Counseling, and the Creator of the B’HEALED transformation process. 

She helps her clients find their money blueprint so they can heal old money wounds, break generational cycles of lack, and have life-changing financial breakthroughs in their business and personal life. Helping women to heal emotionally and spiritually has allowed Melisa’s client’s to have better relationships, feel more confident, create a business and life they love, and make more money with ease. 

She is the author of Live Out Loud: 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose and her advice has been featured in Ebony Magazine, US News and World Report, Parents Magazine, Redbook, ABC online. Melisa has made live appearances on Fox News and CBS as well as given talks at numerous corporate and community events.



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