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Master Speakers Succeed By Doing Three Things

master speaker professional speaking profitable speaking public speaking speaking engagements Sep 07, 2021

Speaking is one of the most powerful tools we have to connect with other humans.

Our voice, whether a booming bass or a silky soprano, offers us the chance to transform the lives of audiences around the planet with the simplicity of the spoken word.

And it’s a lucrative field if you’ve got a story to tell. One that is projected to reach $2.30 billion by 2025.

And we all have a story to tell.

Each of us sees the universe from our own perspective which is often vividly different from the person standing right next to us. 

That’s the beauty of getting up on stage and sharing from your heart.

There is an audience of other people out there listening to what you have to say and hoping for someone to understand their journey and take them where they’ve never been before. 

This means as an entrepreneur, your voice is one of the most influential marketing assets you have in your toolkit.

As a professional speaker, I know that if you want to flourish in the speaking business you need to do these three things ASAP to get paid to rock the mic…


Create a Signature Program 


If you want to make it big on stage and build a long-term speaking career your first step is to develop a signature program, course, or keynote. 


Because you MUST clearly brand yourself. 

Your presentation and delivery need to create a clearly recognizable brand for people in the industry so they have immediate clarity on who you serve and what your message is.

When you want your name spoken in rooms that you aren't currently in, you have to stand for something!

I speak with audiences around the country about creating a legacy through living a fulfilled life and although I do tailor my presentation for each group I still mainly talk about the same subject so that people know what my message and brand are.

By creating a signature keynote or program that deeply encompasses your why you can create sincere relationships with the people in your audience.

Through these connections, we have the opportunity to transform. And that connection and the relationships we build after we make it is really what speaking is all about!

Without connection, we lose the audience and our chance to transform. 

And the very best and the most highly paid speakers who are in this game for the long run are the ones who create real transformation. 


Recognize the Power of Storytelling


"The single most important skill you must have to lead is the ability to tell your own story." 

- Bo Eason


Storytelling is more than just telling a good story.

When you use storytelling in your presentations you have the ability to miraculously connect one on one with all of your audience members at the same time through a single presentation.

It also has a profound effect on our brains.

MRI scans of the storyteller and the listener show that when they are able to connect through effective storytelling the audience’s brain patterns actually start mirroring the same brain patterns as the speaker! 

Basically, someone not related to you, not sharing the same DNA as you, someone not even standing near you, begins to simultaneously display the same wave patterns in their brain because of how powerful your words are!

That is radically amazing.

Artful storytelling and authentic connection affect your audience in a huge way. A way that can never be replaced by any social media or email marketing strategy. 

Speakers who are deeply engaged with their audience are called back to speak again and they hardly pitch for events because their brand gets strongly positioned for speaking. 

How do I know? 

It’s what I have done to build a sustainable professional speaking career nationally and what I have helped countless clients do.


Plan, Prepare & Build Nurture Relationships 


“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”

-Mark Twain

Speakers who become legendary spend a lot of time planning and preparing for their time on stage. 

Successful speakers don’t happen by chance. 

They plan, prepare, and get visible. 

This means you need to take time to study or engage an expert like myself to help you develop your stage presence, refine your delivery skills, and show you how to market yourself as a speaker. 

Master speakers are crystal clear on their why, who they represent, and the journey they take their audience members on. When you’re speaking to an audience if you don’t know how you can best serve them to create a transformation you will lose them

Top speakers also make it a priority to nurture audience relationships before, during, and beyond the stage so they can continue the transformation off stage, which gives them ample opportunity to grow their business. 


The Takeaway

Speaking is about moving your audience and building sincere relationships. 

People can be touched by words in a way that builds lifelong relationships and effectively positions your brand and expands your reach. 

Because speaking is a direct train into the hearts and psyches of the people who hear you.

And that access is invaluable as a business owner and entrepreneur seeking to grow their brand.

Remember if you want to slay it on the stage and initiate positive evolution you need to package your expertise into a signature product, harness the power of storytelling, take ample time to prepare, and make sure you nurture the relationships you build.

"We all have a life story and a message that can inspire others to live a better life or run a better business. Why not use that story and message to serve others and grow a real business doing it?" - -Brendon Burchard


It’s time to step up and use your voice!

And if you are looking to fine tune your speaking skills and receive guidance from an established speaker, join me at my upcoming speaker retreat for entrepreneurs, coaches, and up-and-coming speakers who need an extra boost and expert insight for their speaking journey.

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