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Licensing Your IP To Build A Speaking Business with Deneen Warmington Esq

Jun 24, 2022

One of the most valuable things you own as a speaker is your intellectual property (IP).

Every time you present, create a signature program or produce unique content, you own it. As speakers, we need to look beyond speaking on stage and start protecting our creative value, business, and wealth. In this episode, Deneen Warmington Esp shares her expertise as an IP and corporate attorney to show us the power we have as creators and how we can leverage our IP to create recurring income streams when we protect ourselves legally. 


Focus Points: 

  • Why you need to protect our IP every time you share our expertise on stage
  • How to use trademarks and copyrights to protect your IP 
  • How to stop signing away ownership of your content
  • Why you should stop ignoring contractual red flags today 


Deneen Warmington is an intellectual property and corporate attorney. She gives experts and executives the legal confidence and know-how to protect, leverage, and monetize their IP so they can release the golden handcuffs of their current role and step into a way of life that provides limitless options and opportunities. 

Deneen is the Founder and Principal Attorney of Deneen Warmington Law, a boutique law firm that assists with licensing and certification programs, trademarks, and ongoing IP strategy. Before starting her firm, Deneen was a Wall Street corporate attorney and served as in-house counsel for various organizations. She’s a lover of pretty paper and french fries.



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