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Legal-Ease & Business Protection For Speakers with Liku T Amadi Esq

Jun 17, 2022


The moment you step on stage virtually or in person, you and your business are potentially liable.

As speakers, we negotiate, read, send and receive countless contracts throughout our careers. We must protect our business and assets by leveraging the right legal tools. Liku T Amadi Esq is a California based attorney who shares her profound expertise within the legal system on safeguarding your business, intellectual property, and personal assets. 

In the current atmosphere of instant everything, Liku shifts our attention back to the importance of thoroughly understanding our contracts and the legal environment as it affects our unique business. 


Focus Points: 

  •  Why legal services are worth your investment 
  • The essential legal protections you need as a speaker
  • Common myths about contracts and legal services 
  • Contracts & Templates
  • Insurance & Disclaimers


Liku T. Amadi, Esq. is the founder of Anasa Law Firm and a CA business attorney who specializes in helping service-based coaches, biz owners, and consultants establish a solid legal foundation through custom contracts. Her focus is educating clients on the what & why behind legal services, so they are empowered to make legally informed business decisions and control the dynamics of their business relationships. 

Liku is a Bay Area native, a proud boy mom, and a powerful champion of Black women.



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