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How To Use SEO to Build Your Speaking Career with Akilah A Thompkins

Jun 10, 2022

Are you maximizing your brand visibility through SEO best practices?

SEO optimization is at the heart of amplifying your visibility and ensuring that Google ranks your content and website highly so that audiences and organizers can find you. SEO strategist and speaker Akilah Thompkins shares her wisdom about using SEO to increase your business reach and get seen in a crowded marketplace. 

Learn everything you need to start using SEO today for your speaking business! 


Focus Points: 

  • What is SEO
  • Where to start with SEO as a speaker 
  • When to hire an SEO professional
  • Common myths about SEO
  • Why speakers need multiple content buckets
  • How to use Q&A time for SEO optimization


Akilah A Thompkins is the founder of SEO Assist and Girl Get Visible, an SEO Strategist, Tech Founder, author, and speaker with over 17 years of experience in IT. She helps female entrepreneurs learn SEO and use visibility to grow their businesses and speaks nationally about using your voice to become visible and women embracing tech opportunities. 

Akilah believes everyone should be someone's #1 in the search engine!


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